Waiting on the furniture

When we purchased the new furniture we knew we would have to get rid of the two futons in the family room.

The frame of one is damaged while the other has a splash of paint on the arm. With these flaws I wasn’t comfortable trying to sell either of them.

I could offer them for free or pay a company about $200 to get rid of them. Paying additional money was not in the budget and I was a bit worried about finding someone to take them.

Hope came in the form of ML’s sister who overheard our conversation and mentioned she would love to get the futons.  Yesterday she borrowed a friend’s van and came to collect them.

Great! Except now we have nothing to sit on for the next 2-3 weeks. While it was tempting to purchase a stop gap chair or two (camping chairs are on sale!) we opted to go with the free option that delighted our inner children:

Yep, comforters laden with pillows!

It’s a fairly comfortable solution and considering the number of times I indoor camped as a child this is an awesome solution.

To be honest, when I started this post I wasn’t sure where my emotions were on this one. It’s nice to know I really am excited about our interim solution.


2 thoughts on “Waiting on the furniture

    1. Poor darling has been banned from that room since she and ML disagreed over the decor. She firmly believes all baseboards should have an unfinished looks (which she provides by nibbling) and that wires & cords should be hidden (which she excels at since she chews right through them) 🙂

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