Christmas Success

So today was a success! I finally tried out my signature gift for Christmas and I was thrilled with it.

The recipe was perfect and tasty. Frankly this is my new favourite hot chocolate mix.

Next up: to find the perfect sized mason jar to hold this sumptuous goodness.




One thought on “Christmas Success

  1. SHaderlie

    Gotta say, I LOVE this type of gift – something useful and cheery – adding in that it is yummy doesn’t hurt either. Last year, we gave paper plates for the neighbors – it was a big hit! We included a note that said: Warmest of Christmas Wishes, Take a Break, We’ll Do the Dishes. My husband thought is was weird, until we mentioned the idea to another mom in the neighborhood and got a very positive reaction. In fact, it’s the only neighbor gift I’ve ever gotten so many comments about – seals the deal for me…simple and useful is the way to go!

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