Budget Room

I have mentioned multiple times that I don’t budget using my complete income. When I was in debt that allowed me to pay a lot toward my debt without feeling constricted.

Now it’s a bit different. ML recommended I put a set amount on his debt so I can treat it like a bill. This would allow me to give myself breathing room and the opportunity to use some of the ‘free money’ to treat myself.

Here’s a big change: treating myself is now watching my savings grow so I can spend the money on meaningful things. That’s definitely some big personal growth!!

Chandler Bing dancing on a coffee table


I had a few ideas of where I could put the money:

I spent some time reviewing my posts on each of these topics and realized that my extra money would be best used in the Gifts line. Christmas is only 4 months away and I’m back to having $0 saved as I’ve used the savings line consistently over the course of the year.

This plan allows me to treasure the room I have so I don’t dip into debt to cover costs when I go over budget while ensuring that I know that the ‘breathing room’ money has a secondary purpose.



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