$0 turns into $1200

So I cleaned up the rec room and it looks fantastic!

We’ve wanted a sectional for the last two years but had decided we would wait until the basement looked close to perfect and we had found a room layout we felt really good about before beginning to shop. Well all the hard work paid off and we think we’ve found the set up that works beautifully for the space.

So a quick check of the budget let us know we had a little over $1,100 in the home improvement savings line. With this figure in mind we went shopping. It turns out that a sectional that meets all our needs for  less than $1,100 is near impossible to find but we did end up finding the perfect set for us. It is higher than budgeted but has the bonus feature of being able to be bought in pieces.

For a little under $1200 we could get the 2 pieces we wanted to create the sectional and if we really want the additional piece that would make it we can save for the arm-less chair that will go in the middle giving us some additional seating.

It looks something like this


I’m in a bit of shock as that hard earned money isn’t going to the kitchen that I’ve spent loads of time moaning about but to our rec room on a single piece of furniture. ML and I didn’t go into this blindly though. We had a good conversation about our rec room and where we spend time.

The rec room does a lot of work:

  • It’s the space where ML spends most of his time at home
  • It’s where we hang out as a couple
  • We host game and movie nights here

It’s really the heart of the home, I think I’m going to rename it to the family room as that’s really the function it plays. As summer comes to a close we’re going to spend even more time in here as all the outdoor entertainment and relaxing is going to happen in this room.

Looking at it this way I don’t feel badly about using all my home improvement money on a piece of furniture. Having shopped around and tested pieces I know that we’re getting something that is a great deal and extremely comfortable.

The new furniture will be here in 3 weeks so now we’ve got to figure out how to get rid of the current futons that are in there. They’re in pretty rough shape so I’m not looking to make money but I’m hoping that we don’t have to pay anyone to take them off our hands.

Do you have any tips on how to send the futons to a new home?


Sectional from here


7 thoughts on “$0 turns into $1200

  1. Ms. Steward

    As above mentions, our church does a few furniture drives a year and will pick up the furniture year-round.

    Funny you’re getting rid of futons: our first major purchase is looking to be a sleeper sofa.

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  2. It sounds like the money is being well spent where it’s needed right now. I keep doing the same thing. I need to get my downstairs bathroom repaired but since we’re using the upstairs one, I need to do a few things in there now.

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