Moving around

When taking photos there were two rooms I avoided: Bunny’s and the rec room.

Bunny has the second largest room in the house. It contains her hutch, her ‘pantry’, and a small filing cabinet. The built in cupboard is tiny and has random office supplies and excess toiletries. Her room is often messy and looks quite sparse.

The rec room, on the other hand, is overflowing. Four years ago ML completely renovated it. As Bunny was living there she was relocated to her new room since she and ML have different tastes. She really goes for the distressed floor boards look which was a major point of contention between them.

At that time the plan was that the room would be ML’s area. I have taken over most of the house so this would be his place to relax and unwind. I recognize that this sounds exclusive but it really isn’t. I think it’s necessary for each person in a home  to have a place they can really express themselves. For me it’s our living room. Everything there is geared towards my desire for a restful room.

While its ML’s space it’s also shared space as all our books, games and movies, workout items as well as my crafts are there. Full disclosure: when I get into a project I’m a mess. Well that’s not a relaxing place for anyone. When I went to take photos I realized that the reason the room looked shabby was because my things were everywhere.

The other piece I realized was that the rec room has too many jobs and some if them are conflicting. Most of our rooms have a maximum  of three jobs. The rec room had 6:

  • Work out
  • Craft
  • Watch movies and relax
  • Entertain
  • Budget and do basic home office functions
  • Have serious family conversations

Knowing that these two rooms weren’t being treasured we decided to make a change. It took three days of moving and KonMarie exercises but we feel much better!

Bunny’s room now has all her things and is functioning as my craft room. We moved one of the bookcases there and everything fits in it with space! I also put a folding table and an office chair.

The table meant that some of the office supplies in the cupboard got to be moved and are now in use. We opted for the folding table as we don’t enjoy cluttering our basement with outdoor furniture in the winter. Come winter one of the outdoor dining tables will live in Bunny’s room. Not only does the room look more inviting but we’re hoping it leads to all three of us being tidier.

With one bookshelf out of the basement as well as a bunch of craft bins off the floor it already looked better. However, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to revisit KonMarie. We got rid of loads of DVDs ($50!!) and have a large stash of books to find new homes for as well.

These changes meant I got to rearrange the bookcases so we now have 3 cases of books and 1 of games. The entertainment unit is also much lighter.

I knew it looked good because I felt so much better walking into the room but it was nice when we had people over to hear them remark on the difference.

It was amazing that with $0 we managed to transform 2 rooms and make more welcoming spaces.



8 thoughts on “Moving around

    1. I had done almost the whole house last August. I’ll update this post with a link. What I liked was that once done you can “spot clean” problem areas since everything is already in one place.
      I was amazed at how much I’ve changed in a year.
      I found it emotionally and physically exhausting.

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      1. Mrs. Mother Dirt

        I would love to hear more about your KonMarie experience. I am really into the concept but having a toddler around makes it near impossible to strew my clothing all over the floor and touch each one to see if sparks joy. 😉

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  2. LOL.

    My original blog posts are here:
    I don’t follow instructions well so I did my clothing in sections, there was no way I was bringing everything together. I even divided my books into certain sections as there were so many.

    I’ve found it consistently overwhelming, even when I do my spot cleans now. It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate! I don’t recommend it to people because though I think its awesome I think you have to be in the right spot to do it or be comfortable adjusting the rules to suit your lifestyle.
    I do love how I feel after! I love that I get rid of things and that my counters, closets and shelves seem to be able to breathe!
    I love that I realize how much I have, frankly I feel immensely wealthy after doing this and the focus on using what you have and not purchasing extras sits very well with me. For months after I don’t purchase things because I’ve re-set myself to recognize what will make me happy for longer than a month.


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