Planning Christmas II

Now that I’ve created my list it’s time to fill in the details. These are subject to change but I have noted the items that have already been purchased or made

I’m hoping that having it laid out like this  will help keep me on track.

  • 9 peppermint hot chocolates
  • Date night gift card
  • Tea cozy & ???
  • 2 shirts
  • Night in gift set: slippers, hot chocolate, cake in a mug (mostly purchased)
  • $50 gift card
  • Knit shawl (made)
  • Food gift pack  (purchased)
  • Girl’s night out/ craft kit
  • Baked good
  • Cake in a mug, kitchen tools, soap shaker and martini glass (purchased)
  • 2  other things tbd
  • Not sure for grandmothers
  • Family 1: food gift pack, tokens for kids
  • Family 2: whiskey & wine in knit gift bags; cookbook and ?; ?
  • Family 3: ???
  • Maximum $50 toy

ML has asked for a rather expensive present earlier this year so I’ve budgeted $250 for his gift.

What are some of your favourite presents?


6 thoughts on “Planning Christmas II

  1. Food and drink are always preferable as gifts to me, rather than ‘stuff’ or things, so I am pleased to see lots of these in your list. My other favourite gift is a book token so that I can treat myself to browsing in a book shop and choosing something to read, rather than reading what I can swap, borrow or find. Good planning will pay off so that present giving doesn’t get out of hand.

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