Preparing for Christmas

Last Christmas I started saving in October for Christmas and quickly realized I had underestimated the amount of gift giving we do.

This year, I’ve created my list based on last year’s revelation that we purchase for about 30 people.

  • 3 colleagues
  • 3 – 6 parties
  • ML
  • My parents individually
  • My parents as a couple (this is the Bunny gift)
  • My sibling and partner
  • ML’s parents individually
  • ML’s sibling and partner
  • 3-5 friends I see around this time
  • ML’s grandmother
  • My grandmother
  • 3 families of 4 people
  • Favourite kid

I had intended to save a bit throughout the year towards this goal. That didn’t really pan out as I have spent all my gift savings so far. This was a blessing in disguise as it has highlighted for me that we aren’t cheap when it comes to gift giving.

While I was ambitious last year and focused on making a variety of gifts and treats, this year I’ve decided on a signature gift to be given to colleagues, as hostess gifts, and for those last minute folks that pop up. The family members and close friends will receive more personalized items.

My hope is that by choosing a signature gift for the season I won’t feel overwhelmed and end up purchasing last minute items. Choosing one item means that I also won’t be purchasing multiple ingredients.

I fell in love with this pretty peppermint hot chocolate.

Now to test it to see if it is as tasty as it looks!

What do you think of this gift?


8 thoughts on “Preparing for Christmas

  1. Ms. Steward

    I think your gift looks amazing! Definitely a gift I would be happy to receive.

    If it helps, we have the exact same problem. We save for Christmas all year, but I’ve noticed that the “gift fund” is a sinking fund I find really easy to spend. I feel guilty spending on myself, but I LOVE to be generous with gifts. Every year we have to allot extra money in November and December, because I’ve overspent. The last two years, that’s largely been because I spend $$ on our baby girl.

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    1. I think it speaks volumes about us that we’re generous with our loved ones.
      Thanks! I’m so glad that it appears to be something others would appreciate. I’m trying to balance generosity with sense this year. I think I’m going to follow your lead and up the budget in November and December for the gifts.

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