My Bill is What?

I consistently try to overpay bills by a touch to give myself some breathing room in case of any changes. I was doing really well with my internet/phone bill. 

I was expecting a bit of an increase because we had made a few long distance calls. What I didn’t expect was that I would not only wipe out my buffer but also have to pay more than I budgeted.

The culprit ? A 15 minute phone call to my grandmother after my phone card ran out. The call cost me $60!

I knew that purchasing $5 phone cards were saving me a bundle but I didn’t realize how great my savings were.

I’m chalking the bill up to a learning experience but I’m definitely going to be making sure I’ve got a full calling card nearby from now on especially for international calls.


4 thoughts on “My Bill is What?

  1. yikes! That’s a big jump! Have you ever heard of VOIP phones? We use one and it saves us a bundle. We have unlimited calls to the US and Canada, and cheap around the rest of the world. I’m not sure if it would help you or not, just thought I’d mention in case you hadn’t looked into it before.

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