Let’s Try Again: Hosting

Do you remember me giving myself loads of budget angst when we hosted last month? Well we’ hosted again this weekend. It’s a much smaller group: 2 other adults and their 2 kids.

After last month I decided I needed to be very realistic about my hosting budget. Once again I gave myself $65. That seemed reasonable and boy was I right!

The grand total came up to $64.99!

The menu was wonderfully simple:

Appetizers: Pesto mushroom caps, crab dip with gluten free crackers

Main: Steaks, Caesar salad, red beans & rice

Dessert: guests brought tarts and buns

Beverages: Pop, water, whisky, beer and red wine

For this one we really went with our sales, garden supply and pantry.

I had all the ingredients for homemade pesto so the mushroom caps were easy. The crab was on sale and we had all other ingredients for the dip and we had one type of gf crackers so I just had to purchase one more.

Steaks and salad were on sale and I had all the ingredients for the red beans and rice dish. As for the beverages, we already had everything in so it was easy.

Not only did everyone get seconds we have 2 days worth of meals left as well. So this is definitely going into the win column!




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