Bunny needs a Budget

Bunny is a geriatric and it turns out difficult to diagnose. She may have arthritis. When that was discovered we adjusted her room to be more accessible. It worked for 2 months.

Now I’m back at her vet. A wonderful woman who understands that sometimes love be has a price. The problem is that faced with my Bunny ‘s mortality I don’t want to think about money. I want to pour money into finding and fixing the problem.

I know that it’s not realistic. I know that even if I had unlimited funds I should think of Bunny ‘s quality of life. I’m trying.
For the first time in seven years I’ve let a vet take her from me. They are doing blood work so we can see if her kidneys are okay. I’m pacing and typing.

As I type I worry: is she alright? Is anything going to help her? Will my budget be alright?

The last thought makes me feel small minded and petty.

Yet, I don’t want to climb into debt trying to fight death.

When it comes to Bunny my aim is to make sure she’s happy and comfortable. So now I’ll create a budget line for her.


12 thoughts on “Bunny needs a Budget

  1. Thank you! Apparently she was a gem and they managed to get blood without sedating her.
    We’re back home and she’s staying in her favourite corner avoiding me though she’s adjusted a few times to keep an eye on me.
    I’m torn between wanting the diagnosis to be old age and a problem. One I can fight the other I must embrace and learn a lesson about letting go.


  2. saraylife

    Don’t feel bad or petty. Just because we want our furry companions with us forever doesn’t mean it’s fair to them. Last year my husband and I put my sweet fur baby to sleep and then two months later had to have his fur baby’s toes amputated after months of weekly vet visits. It cost us thousands, thousands we hadn’t planned on spending. You are being realistic and planning the care of a loved family member. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your little friend.

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  3. Have you tried liquid glucosamine?…worked on my 13 year old bunny for a year…until his back gave way. But he was so much better and had quality of life for a bit longer…I miss my Bunny named Kitten…best of luck to you.

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  4. I am so sorry, it is so hard to face this. Don’tfeel bad looking at the finances. That is realistic. Love has no price, but the vet does. Her quality of life is your priority, and i will keep you both in my thoughts.

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