Planning August 2016

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My  big plan is to stick pretty close to the budget.

Eating out:

  • Breakfast with a friend 
  • Cheap dinner date with ML


  • Repayment for outdoor chair
  • Calling card 
  • Chipmunk food


  • Hosting a small barbecue 
  • Maybe buying an addition for the bar


  • She needs everything  so she won’t be loaning any money this month.


  • Budgeting for a consignment store sale as I’d like to get a few work purses as my current crop is looking pretty battered.


  • A couple birthdays are happening this month which we’ll need to purchase gifts for.


  • Keep drinking water
  • Keep walking 
  • Start back knitting 
  • Embrace joy

Here’s to keeping August consistent!


4 thoughts on “Planning August 2016

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