Grocery Win

I’ve lowered my grocery budget so that I can repay my Life Happens line the money I borrowed to participate in the community garden. I was fairly nervous about this as ML and I can easily go over our normal limit.

This week we had lots of meat in our freezer from previous sales, loads of veggies and enough things to make side dishes. In fact we needed very little, so we kept our usual habit of shopping the flyers for things to add to the pantry. As we’re hosting this coming weekend, we also kept an eye out for ingredients.


Remember the  crazy work week? Well September is the start of 3 whirlwind months for us. I’m determined not to overspend each month so while I know my perfect vision I’m preparing for hiccups.

Here’s my perfect vision:

  • Wake at 6, refreshed from a good night’s sleep
  • Have breakfast followed by tea and cuddles with Bunny
  • Head to work and rock it!
  • Walk home
  • Enjoy a relaxing activity
  • Tidy/Clean part of the home
  • Cook something healthy if needed or prep ingredients so that cooking the next night will be a breeze
  • Go to bed at a reasonable hour so I get my sleep

My reality isn’t always that way. I may oversleep, not have a good night’s sleep or come home completely exhausted.

Here’s what we’re doing to help:

  • Making weekend biscuits in the hopes the habit sticks
  • Have a list of easy breakfasts
  • List of snacks that we can easily grab (fruit, yogurt, etc.)
  • Not buying extra things and making sure that the things we own have a place to make tidying easy
  • Filling the freezer and pantry with things that are easy to make
  • Keeping track of above items so we don’t end up wasting
  • Pinning easy recipes and making notes so we have a few more go to items
  • Setting consistent bedtime routines now in the hope that the habit sticks.

Thankfully we were able to add to the pantry and stay within our budget!

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