In Preparation for the Talk

Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear on a road trip

ML and I will hopefully be spending some time in the car today. If the weather co-operates we’re going to the beach! The benefit of long drives with each other is we can get deep and discuss  our big plans. So it’s the perfect opportunity to look at our goals for the next few years.

When I had updated my goals in May I had figured out how I was going to allocate the  money previously going towards my debt.  However, what I’ve now done is keep goals 1&2 but I’ve only put 6% in my Emergency Fund. The other 6% has gone into my budget so I can give myself some freedom.

In preparation of us being complete debt free by November we’ve starting to talk about our values.

I’ll be bringing:

Here’s to a good conversation!

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