Treat Yourself!


Mrs. Steward recently shared a great post about treats in her life and how she handles them. It`s a fantastic read and got me thinking of how I limit myself now to ensure that things really are a treat.

I have no idea when it started but at some point I would pull my bank statement and notice loads of restaurant purchases but have no recollection of going there. I`d have to really dig into the day to recall that I popped in to get a cookie or that I forgot my lunch. I wasn’t using my money to create memorable experiences.

Clearly a new world order was needed. Slowly I got it, the daily coffee runs with co-workers continued because they were a time for bonding. This habit was alright with me because it was meaningful. I’ve since stopped as I’ve switched offices and the culture is different.

With the exception of the crazy month we now tend to tie our eating out with an occasion. For me it’s often going out with a friend or colleague. Though ML was alright with it I began to feel that it wasn’t fair that I was going out with other’s but not him. The problem is that it’s often more memorable in a group setting so we’re working through finding that balance at the moment.Currently it’s double dating but we’ll see where we end up on that.

Fashion is another line that needed a good look. I was overspending from this almost every month as I would treat myself to lotions, make up or a cute item. Every time the line would be gone but I wouldn’t feel like I had been properly treated.

I don’t recall where I heard of this but there is apparently a point at which items no longer bring joy. It seems I was consistently crossing that point. By taking my budget seriously I was able to begin treasuring my treats again.

This also ties in beautifully with Doctor Jonathon’s comment on one of my recent posts   His advice to me was:

If you are going to reward yourself, why not do something that “feels good” and is actually GOOD FOR YOU. A positive reinforcement adds quality to living and accomplishes the same “feel good” response. If you are going to reward yourself with a “gift,” why not purchase something that enhances your life rather than something that potentially damages it.

Psychologically, this new thought process can greatly affect one’s health and life.

His language made me realize that I’ve stopped using the terms reward and treat often. I tend to think of  a lot of things as budgeted lines and that’s a bit sad. I love the idea of treating myself!

I also love the idea of treating myself well, with this in mind I  think I’m going to create a list of things that I would look forward.  Danielle LaPorte has a list that goes further as it encompasses what she feels that she deserves. I liked it as often time our treats are things that we also feel that we deserve i.e. I deserve the ice cream for being a good sport all day and not wasting my 1/4 bushel of vegetables :).  But as Doctor Jonathon mentions and Danielle illustrates it can go much deeper than that and be much more rewarding.

What would be on your list?

UPDATE: Mrs. Steward shared a great post on how she’s treating herself



9 thoughts on “Treat Yourself!

  1. tenleygwen

    This is a really good thing to think about! I know my budget makes me more mindful of what expenses actually add value, as opposed to just being mindless. And I have a category in my budget called “Treat Yo’self” that holds restaurant checks, clothing expenditures (I have enough clothing, it’s not something I need), fancy makeup, entertainment … anything that is, well, a treat. I had those as separate categories but then I was losing touch with just how much was going toward “treats” overall, and how much of a real treat those things really were. I still think I spend a bit too much there. Still, I’m definitely more selective. And I love the idea of treating yourself WELL!! I definitely need more of that!

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  2. I am truly humbled by the honorable mention (and link.) Thank you so much.

    Every time I read your posts, it seems you’ve grown so much from your own personal experiences in life. There is no doubt you are on a mission AND you WILL achieve your desired goals. Just as importantly, you will enjoy the journey. Keep enjoying life and smile BIG!

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  3. Because I’m such a budget geek and organiser, I have every event (even things like grocery shopping or going for a walk) in my calendar, and in my budget spreadsheet I note down what every expenditure is for. Therefore I can always remember “Oh yeah, that $23 was on dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in ages” and I feel good about spending that money – I never question it or feel bad for choosing to do something meaningful. In this way, these things feel like treats to me.

    I only feel bad if I know I could have made a wiser money choice. I still kick myself for this time I went to lunch with a past lecturer, and really the point was just to catch up with her, but we were at this trendy cafe and I thought it would look bad if I just ordered toast or something, so I got one of those big buddha health bowls. I didn’t even finish it, it wasn’t super memorable, and as if they would look back and remember me and my order, but the entire lunch costed over $20 when it could have been under $10.

    The spreadsheet is the most valuable tool for me, because by putting in the numbers and details, I have to actively think about it and it is a constant review of whether I am walking the talk and whether my expenditure is in line with my values. When I’m on track and walking the talk, then the expenditure I do make really does feel like a treat.

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    1. Don’t you love spreadsheets! That was pivotal in changing my relationship with my finances. I’ve gotten way more detailed as I’ve gone on. My budgeting has changed as well my eating out line is often about a quarter of what it was 2 years ago as I’ve taken the time to see I was really throwing money at chasing highs rather than making memories.
      Reading Dr. Jonathan ‘s comment made me realize I was not quite balanced. While my spending aligned with my values I saw all my ‘treats’ as expenses. There are so many things I love doing but I don’t elevate them to treat level. Which is so sad. Tomorrow I’m going to treat myself to playing in the kitchen. I’ve been dying to make a few things but my necessary chores got in the way. I did them all! So I get a reward that’s going to keep on giving.

      Also I totally need to steal your calendar bit! I put in things that involve others and only a few that are for me. I think the health goals need better tracking:)

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      1. We often do equate “treats” with having to spend money, huh?! Like getting a dessert, buying an item, going to the movies… this is making me feel like putting together a list of non-money-spending treats, I’m keen to see what they would be!

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