Domestic Goddess

I’m definitely overstating it! Though I did feel like a domestic goddess this weekend when I pickled and froze vegetables for later use. Two things that weren’t previously in my realm of possibility.

Do you remember me joining the CSA? Last week was the first week for pick up and I’m so glad that we got a 1/4 bushel! This is what it looks like for us:

Image of garden produce
fresh onion, a pickling cucumber, kale, a giant zucchini, 3 leeks

Though we try to eat our vegetables that’s a lot for two people. So I did some quick research on how to store them properly in the fridge as well as how to freeze them as I suspected we would need to.  Turns out it is as simple as plunging the green beans and zucchini into a pot of water that’s been brought to a rolling boil for 3 minutes then dumping them directly into an ice bath for another 3. The leeks were even easier as I just washed them, sliced them and flash froze them before actually freezing them.

Then I did something I never thought I would do: I pickled the cucumber and one bunch of the green beans.

I sampled the cucumber yesterday and I can’t believe I haven’t done this before! It was amazingly delicious.

I turned my quarter bushel into this!

the garden vegetables in packages for freezing
pickles, pickled green beans, 2 packages of leeks, 4 packages of zucchini, 2 packages of green beans


This is a huge leap from who I was 2 years ago and I’m really loving that I’m able to combine frugality, my wish to be good for the environment, and feeding myself well. Emily at Through my Lens wrote a fantastic post about her journey toward finding a balance when it came to eating real food.  Her tips are fantastic and really help you recognize that eating well can fit into your lifestyle no matter what. It’s not about doing it all, it’s about doing a little bit at a time.

As I’m only now exploring freezing and canning I’d love any tips or tricks you can share!




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