Wonderful Surprise

After my last post I was a little nervous about assessing my budget. It didn’t help that I had gone on to spend even more money the following day. However, having learnt that avoidance never solves the problem I bit the bullet last night and was pleasantly surprised.

I was $6 over budget!

Ecstatic is more like it!

Here’s where I learnt another important lesson: my savings accounts matter. I was laundering the bathroom mats the morning of the barbecue and one of them got shredded. I must confess that we have had these mats for at least 7 years and we’ve been ready for new ones for a while but as they were still serviceable I hadn’t changed them.

There’s a discount home store about 15 minutes from us so ML and I went together to see if we could find something that would fit our budget. While there I shared that I was ready for a change: I wanted a new shower curtain and tub mat. Yep, you guessed it both had been cleaned repeatedly for 7 years.

All I knew was that I wanted to keep our bathroom scheme reminiscent of a beach: blues, greens and sandy hues. ML was on board. For just under $50 we got a complete bathroom uplift. So how was I only $6 under budget? Well that money came out of our home renovation budget. We had recently decided that any home improvement that we both agree on and will significantly impact our experience in our home will come out of that line.

The barbecue was also the first day I had since 2 people since they graduated and it was my parents’ anniversary. So gifts had to be purchased. These came out of my gift budget.

I love that I am able to pay for these items without them affecting my bottom line as I have savings lines to cover them. It is absolutely freeing.

The only issue is that occasionally these lines go into the red as though they’re separate lines in my budget I save for these costs in a single account. This month both my medical and car lines are in the red. For the medical this is because I haven’t gotten all my insurance reimbursements back. Once those come in I’ll be ahead of where I started.

The car was because we needed new tyres. We were going to hold off until next Spring but when I went to get my oil changed the technician let me know that my tyres were on sale. All four and installation for $500! I couldn’t pass it up. As I had money in the savings account I made the purchase.

As for the $6, I’m going to use my fun fund to cover that cost as I know that it’s the result of my hair products which I loathe to return.

Have your savings lines allowed you to stay within your monthly budget?



4 thoughts on “Wonderful Surprise

  1. frugalpineapple

    It sounds like you earned the bathroom upgrade! Simple changes in color can make it feel almost like new.
    I am now at the point where I do need to consider creating a “home renovation” and “gift” budget. Technically I do not own my home but obviously things break. I realized this weekend I am no longer young enough to go to events and not bring a gift. hahah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m always happy when that works!
      Another sign of us growing up :). I have a small gift closet that I have some of those items in. It comes in handy for housewarming and hostess gifts as well as off setting some of the more expensive holiday gift giving seasons.


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