But I forgot 

I was feeling really good about my budget. I may even have leftover money and my fun fund would get a lovely boost!

Then I looked at my budgeted line for entertainment: $65.

Here’s what I forgot:

  • We’re hosting our ML’s family this weekend, including a few extended members, and my parents. Which means we invited 12 people for dinner.
  • We like to offer wine and a small selection of liquor
  • We like to cook something a bit different than our usual fare 
  • We have people with a variety of dietary restrictions attending
  • No nuts, dairy or gluten in any of the dishes we prepare 
  • For this group we try to make everything from scratch as swapping recipes is part of the tradition. Also much easier to control restrictions when cooking from scratch.

Here’s the current menu:

  • Veggie tray**
  • Pesto mushroom caps
  • Hummus with gluten free chips and crackers
  • Bruschetta*
  • Strawberry salad*
  • Chicken kebabs with pineapple and peppers 
  • Jerk chicken
  • Rice and red beans
  • Potato salad*
  • 2 desserts*


  • Red and white wine
  • Rye
  • Rum
  • Coke
  • Ginger ale

* One of our guests is bringing this item

** Looking at this list it’s going to be the veggie tray or the mushroom caps

$65 covered the cost of the alcohol. Even with shopping sales and my pantry stock my food cost came to $74.The money has been taken from my grocery line and  Bunny, who has been under budget so far.

So my $65 line should have been $120. Which would have been generous and covered this haul:

Instead, I’m now playing with the idea of returning some nice to have hair products I haven’t opened so I can definitely stay within my budget.

The plus side is our pantry will keep us from having to do groceries this week if there aren’t many leftovers.

Hopefully by writing this post I’ll be a bit more realistic when I budget for the next family event :).


3 thoughts on “But I forgot 

    1. Thank you!
      Timing is a bit funny, I just logged in to give a nicer conclusion to this post. I’ve had a little while to get excited again and see how lucky I am to have the opportunity to treat myself and our families 🙂

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