1 Year!

Happy First Anniversary

Saving without Scrimping turns one today!

This is the longest I’ve consistently stuck with a personal project in a long time.


When I began I knew that tracking myself was the only way to kick my debt. A blog seemed like a good way to track myself, give myself permission to be human and seek the advice of like minded folks.

I created this site after a particularly stressful month when I was feeling like every good intention was blocked by some life event. I thought if I tracked myself I would see results but also be able to have more realistic expectation of myself and my money.


I’ve definitely reaped benefits:

  • Kicking my consumer debt in less than a year rather than 30 months
  • Being able to identify my values
  • Better living my values
  • Meeting people I would never have had the opportunity to learn from. There are too many to list!
  • Learning about FIRE (an acronym that wasn’t in my vocabulary a year ago)
  • Pursuing mindfulness and joy (Jess at 365 Days of Carpe Diem near daily posts help keep this top of mind)
  • Consistently working on my health (Dr. Jonathon at All About Healthy Choices posts keep me on track and help me assess ways I can tweak my lifestyle)

Starting this blog was a personal thing. I do it semi-anonymously because I want the freedom to share. The only person in my ‘real life’ who knows about this blog is ML. This has allowed me to be more honest. I’ve treasured that. Knowing that who I am online tends to be a truer reflection of me.

You have kept me accountable, you’ve shared your tips and tricks, your support has helped raise me.

I wanted a community and I got so much more.

Thank you for making this year awesome!

Here’s to another year of growth, adventure and loving life on a budget!


Toast image courtesy of Stuart Miles via freedigitalphotos.net

Then and Now Supernatural images from here.



13 thoughts on “1 Year!

  1. Happy birthday $WS! Kicking your debt was an amazing achievement, and the benefits you’ve received are also amazing. Thank you so much for the shout out, what an honour that my humble mumblings about my days bring you a benefit. I notice you wrote “near” daily, heh, I will have to up my game and get back into my groove of writing more consistently! I’ve certainly gained a lot from your support, and from your posts also, you often give me much to think about 🙂

    Here’s to another year!

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  2. congratulations! I love the honesty and openness in this post. Like yourself I have had things to say, met with incredible people here and learnt from them (including yourself), and benefited enormously by expressing and making myself accountable by blogging. you seem to be doing so well with your plans – here is to many more years to come! cheers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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