Revisiting My Lists

When I began blogging last year I did a lot of work offline to figure out my goals. This was partly because I wanted to get to the point quickly but also because I wanted to create a community. I suspected that beginning by treating the blog like a diary wouldn’t be the way to go. I don’t regret the decision as my first few posts get straight to the heart of what I wanted to do and have served as great touch points over the last year.

Since then, I have grown in confidence and have become much more open in sharing my journey. When looking at creating another cohesive list to help guide my decisions I decided to look at my posts over this past year.

It’s been an exciting year where I have met so many wonderful, inspiring people and I’ve given myself the opportunity to live an intentional life. Part of the joy of blogging is being able to better keep track of the lessons I’ve learnt while continuing to learn from all those who comment on my blog or post on their own. In that spirit here are a list of posts in which I focused on goals or tactics to help me be the person I’d like:

My vision for myself:

How to get to where I want to go

Healthy Lifestyle

Working on consumption

While ML & I will continue to work on our lists together these posts will also give me a great overview of the person I am aiming to be and help me ensure that my What Matters to Me II list reflects my hopes and dreams for myself over the past year.

Do you review your previous  posts? What’s the most interesting thing that you find about doing that?



6 thoughts on “Revisiting My Lists

  1. I love reviewing posts. It really helps keep me on track, I’m so easily derailed most of the time, I need all the help I can get hahahaha. I’m looking forward to going back and reading your posts I haven’t seen yet. 🙂

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