What Matters Update: what Deadline?

So my goal to have an update by the 21st was ambitious to say the least. Unless I really set aside a few dedicated hours to this I’m not going to reach it and that’s alright.

This blog is about d living my life well on a budget. So if it takes time to refine my goals that’s alright!

Part of my cha-cha is that I’ve gotten sidetracked by my job. Not a bad thing when the activity that pays well and invigorates you takes up your time. I’m currently doing research for a few events.

The one that has me most intrigued is an anniversary dinner for an award that was created in honour of a journalist and author. This person rose to fame by creating cookbooks focused on the home cooking of people in her region. When we moved to this area I found a lot of the food bland as I had come from an island with year round produce and seasonings. Reading her books, I realize that this is because though the region kept some of its roots it also moved to packaged foods. Fresh farm grown tomatoes have a much different flavour than those grown in Mexico and flown into the country.

This has also made me want to post a bit more of my own recipes. I’m going to work with my mum to get some more of my island recipes and tricks. There are things we just do such as rinse meat in a vinegar and lemon mixture to cut the ‘freshness’ (freshness refers to the very chicken/fish/goat flavour that meat can have).

I’m in an interesting position, I spent my formative years in one culture but came of age in another. I don’t play it up a lot because I feel that so many of us do this as the societal culture shifts so quickly. However, when it comes to my cooking I see this difference quite starkly. I don’t cook like my parents or my in-laws; instead I have a strange hybrid. There are distinct benefits to this and I want to focus on bringing the best of both worlds to my table.

Posting recipes and tips here can only help me continue to embrace frugality while not sacrificing taste.

Would you be alright seeing more kitchen tips and tricks posted?

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6 thoughts on “What Matters Update: what Deadline?

  1. I’d be keen! That’s interesting, I’ve never heard the term “freshness” before, though I know what you mean because there is a word for it in Chinese. I definitely haven’t heard about rinsing meat in vinegar and lemon. We marinate meat with rice wine to cut the freshness.
    It is really disappointing how much fresh food isn’t the same anymore. I made an indian tomato based curry the other night and was excited to use all fresh ingredients, including fresh tomatoes instead of canned. I realised that even though I put in a ton of tomatoes, there was no tomato flavour! They are so bland and un-juicy. What a shame that real food isn’t real food 😦

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    1. Rice wine would be good! I may try it soon. We put the meat in a bowl with some water and a capful of vinegar and rub it. Empty the bowl, wash in clean water, pat dry, then season.
      My mum has agreed to share her tips and tricks so I’ll start beefing up my recipe posts with steps like that :).
      I’m sorry you too had that fresh food but not experience.

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