Loving my Closet

I got a giggle out of this article that raises concerns  in response to Kate Middleton a.k.a. Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge ‘recycling her clothes.’ It would have been deeply disturbing if I hadn’t found it through this blog post and for the comments that people made.

I love clothes. I love dressing up and feeling fabulous. When I go out  I wear heels, put on lipstick and try to accessorize. This can lead people to believe that I purchase my clothes from fantastic brand name stores rather than local thrift shops. I do, however, take care to not wear my clothes ‘too often’ this fear of being caught not having enough clothing seems deeply ingrained in me.

I’m thinking of this as an acquaintance has asked me to attend an at home shopping evening. She recently joined an organization that is basically Pampered Chef for clothing. When she called to follow up on the invitation she mentioned that I have a great need for a lot of professional wear and would love their designs. I’m always hesitant about these things because I find that I don’t often use these items enough to justify the expense.

Then she shared the cost: pants start at $120 and tops at $60. Here’s the thing, much like the person in the first article my acquaintance believes I make enough that I should treat myself to some good quality pieces. While I don’t disagree I’ve found that my thrift and on-sale department store purchases, when treated with care, tend to last quite some time.

I don’t necessarily agree with the attitude that you get what you pay for. I feel that sometimes I’m less kind to items I paid very little for. I can guarantee you that if I paid $160 for a dress I’d throw it in a garment bag as soon as I took it off rather than in the hamper to get stretched out by all the other things. However, I routinely buy dresses of that value on sale or in a thrift shop and I don’t always treat them with the respect they deserve.

She’s right though, I do need a new wardrobe. In lieu of spending $60 on a top I think it’s time to revisit Project 33.


2 thoughts on “Loving my Closet

  1. I am afraid of those home parties! Everything seems pretty pricey and I always feel obligated to buy something. Clothes? Please. Like yourself, I hit the thrift shops and I’ve found nice clothes, sometimes with the tags still on. I don’t have to wear suits and heels to work anymore, which is a huge plus, but I still dress well for a fraction of the retail store price. Good on you for finding bargains.

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    1. Thanks Karen! I’m so glad I’m not alone :). Like you I always feel obligated to purchase something so I’m glad I said no.
      It’s amazing the number of things that I find with tags still on! It was one of my big surprises when I started thrift shopping.

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