A Wannabe Minimalist Re-decorates

Our home has been getting us down lately.The kitchen needs an overhaul and it all just feels a bit blah. I know some of this has to do with the fact that many of my colleagues are remodeling and redecorating their homes.

So I turned a critical eye on my home. Are there any pieces in the main living space that I hate? The answer was no but things just felt a bit too cluttered and once again a bit blah. So I went through and re-arranged decor. Bringing items that have been packed away out and hiding other pieces.

For exactly $0 I was able to give my living and dining rooms a quick overhaul and have them feeling much lighter.

I did the same in our bedroom. I had my jewelry in various places and my costume pieces in a jumbled mess. This is awful when you consider that I own enough items that would help me. I pulled them all out and re-organized. Suddenly our dresser looks wonderfully clear and I feel like the adult I wanted to be!

You can even spot the ice cube trays on the left that I keep my earrings and other bits of jewelry in so they don’t get lost.

The poor kitchen even got some love when I got rid of all the extra bits of paper on the fridge and pared the items on the counter back .

This isn’t to say I wouldn’t be happy to spend some money. I’d love to repaint a few rooms, put in new flooring and definitely give the kitchen some TLC. As these can be costly I’m enjoying saving my pennies for those tasks while still giving myself the change I need.

Do you have low cost/no cost home decor tricks that you use?


4 thoughts on “A Wannabe Minimalist Re-decorates

  1. I sure do. I go to high end furniture and accessory stores for ideas and then go to Homesense or Winners to try to look for items to duplicate the look at a much lower cost. You can find great things at garage sales too. Happy decorating.

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