Cottage Life

ML and I spent some of last weekend with friends at the cottage of one of their parents. It was lovely! Nestled in nature, close to water and about 30 minutes from a tourist town.

The visit reignited a long standing conversation: should we get a cottage and where?

ML has fond memories of his grandparents’ cottage. I, on the other hand, didn’t grow up with friends who escaped the city to visit a shore. I spent every weekend at the beach!

As the cottage of his childhood was not near to anything remotely ‘city’ ML wanted us to look at places 3-4 hours away from where we live. My practical side couldn’t fathom this. 

For me, most likely because I have no nostalgic feelings toward cottage life, whenever we had these conversations I didn’t envision long talks in the deck, days fishing or walks on a sand beach. Instead I thought of driving distance and how to balance weekend aways with all the things we needed to do to prep for the week ahead. Since most cottages we saw and agreed met both our criteria were more than our house we knew purchasing one was not in our immediate future.

Since this was our first time at a cottage together as bill paying adults, we had a great conversation!

While ML wants to recreate the tranquility of his childhood cottage weekends he hadn’t considered the adult practicalities that his parents and grandparents had taken care of: cleaning, maintenance, bills and chores. While I viewed it as a second home in a relaxing locale.

What kept us wanting a cottage was this dream of tranquility near a large body of water. This helped us think about why cottages were fun and for us it is that everything is geared to relaxation and unplugging. The cottage we stayed at is surrounded by trees, has many animal visitors   and the nearest body of water is a 30 minute walk away.

Our home, while not surrounded by trees overlooks a vast green space, has a few gorgeous trees, many animal visitors and is 30 minutes from a river. It sadly isn’t geared solely to relaxation. While it truly can’t be we can do a better job of making it an oasis for ourselves.

This week that meant getting rid of extra paper and bills, giving ourselves space to play and relegating chores to quick bursts of energy. It’s been great!

As we would still like to have a place to visit to relax and enjoy water activities we found a great compromise: cottage resorts. For a maximum of $1200 we could be the”owners” of a waterfront property for a week.

Do you have a place you escape to?

5 thoughts on “Cottage Life

  1. We did this for 4 years. Bought a cottage a couple hours away to unplugged. I am just like you – thought of it as a second place with bills, etc. And struggled to balance what needed done for the work week. It was hard to sell because of the depressed area it was in, but we enjoyed it for the first couple years. Would never do again.

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