Deep Breath: Assessing the Damage

7 more days left in the month and I’m 24% over budget.The last time I was this much over budget was in November.

Looking back this shouldn’t be a huge shock, in fact a few months ago I should have started a mini savings line for this work week as it happens twice per year and I’ve been in my role long enough to know that it’s insane.

What’s interesting is that for the most part, the categories I budgeted for stayed within the budget. The two that skyrocketed were Eating Out and Bunny. The Eating Out was because in spite of our best intentions we didn’t cook enough and I suspect knowing that my LOC was paid off led to some recklessness. Bunny was an expensive pet this month as she needed to visit her vet. My baby bunny is no baby but a geriatric who is suffering from arthritis and may be diabetic. The cost of the visit and test were nothing to sneeze at! We’re also exploring some accessible accommodations for her which increased her cost.

The line I hadn’t planned for was fashion. This is the line I need to start saving for! Half the ooverage came from here.  Considering the number of things I was able to put in that budget line, it’s actually impressive and if I had budgeted I would be really proud of my ability to find great deals.

Now that I’ve taken a deep breath and looked at the budget I can honestly say it’s alright. I still have a bit of room so I haven’t spent my entire paycheque. I won’t be making any significant payments to ML’s debt but I also have not dug myself back into the red.

I also took a look at last June. My spending is quite similar but this time I have multiple savings lines I’m contributing to and I’m not in $12000 of debt. So really it’s been a big win!

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