Procrastinating: Or my fear of facing my budget

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The crazy week of working from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. is over. I’m relieved and I’m feeling really proud of the work that I did.

What I’m not so proud of is my spending habits last week. Some of it couldn’t be avoided: ML needed to visit a chiropodist, I went for massages to help with a pulled muscle, Bunny visited her vet and needed some tests done.  Some of it however, could have been helped with better planning or saying no to myself. Things in this category are meals out, clothing, and other general treats.

Now it’s time to face the music and I don’t want to. I’m terrified of looking at my budget as I know I’ve already blown way past it. So tonight when I start working on the budget and feeling a bit poorly about my decisions I’m going to remember:

  • I will most likely get reimbursed for all medical expenses (~$600)
  • I will get reimbursed for $100 in work expenses
  • ML & I didn’t argue or get snippy with each other once in the last 2 weeks in spite of my being stressed to the gills
  • As opposed to previous years, I didn’t need significant medical attention following the week. Though not costly as it was covered by insurance I was miserable for at least 2 months following as it took that long for me to return to normal
  • I’ve received multiple compliments on how refreshed and relaxed I looked
    • Yay, mani/pedi and new shoes
  • We generally made healthy choices when eating out rather than heading to McDonalds and the like.
  • I did my first bit of proctoring so $82 will go to offsetting some of the extra costs I took on this month.

What do you do when you’re afraid to look at your budget?


7 thoughts on “Procrastinating: Or my fear of facing my budget

  1. I was raised over-expensing and under estimating generated revenue. This has always provided me the necessary room for unanticipated events. I started this when I was very young which made growing up a little more challenging because I withdrew from “pleasurable activities” to stay within a limited budget. On the other hand, it prepared me for the “real world” giving me a “foot up” on living a lifestyle within my means.

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    1. That’s such a great way of doing it! honestly it is the only thing in my favour now. I ‘m certain I’ve blown through the budget but I’m fairly sure I haven’t spent my entire income as there was buffer room.

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  2. It was a month of unanticipated expenses. The biggest was helping out an adult child (That is an oxymoron given this particular situation which was the result of poor judgement. Yes I am judging.) and mistakes made on ordering non-returnable items. Those non-returnables are going in the “gifting” category – thanks to your excellent suggestion to keep a gift closet for future use. The bad thing was, my husband kept hitting “enter” and not only did we end up with more stuff, they are separately charging shipping. That’s a bit of an aggravation. But, he was stressed over said child, therefore, forgiven. I am debating whether to renew my yoga classes or wait till later. My fear on this is, once I get out of the habit, it’s harder for me to restart this.

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    1. Oh gosh that is hard. I feel you on the yoga. I took a ‘break’ a few years ago and have had a really hard time returning. I have found that I use a lot of the poses everyday anyway so that has been helpful to realize. Good luck!

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  3. We blew our June budget so much that we essentially ended up with a negative saving rate and had to dip into our savings, due to a series of unexpected expenses, including an expensive MRI and other Vet bills for our dear dog. It’s painful looking at that negative #, but then I just try to remember that the reason why we work so hard with budgeting is so that we can pay for emergencies such as our dog’s illness, and not being stuck with having to borrow or having to decide between mortgage/food or our dog.

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