Weekend spending 

I mentioned needing at least 2 pairs of pants previously. They’re to replace the 2 pairs of black dress pants that I currently own that are quite worn out. As I didn’t have a lot of time I gave myself a $40 pre tax limit to go to the mall.

Luckily a thrift store has opened in a plaza I was going to do I popped in there. The smart thing to do would have been to stick to the pants but I passed by dresses and decided to try on a few. Of the 18 items I tried, I got 2 pairs of pants and 2 dresses. Once at cash ML and I saw a Pirates of the Caribbean game that we wanted to try.

Our total, with tax, was $42.

The shoes came up to $188, though I went a bit overboard and got 7 pairs. The note on the bill says I saved $115.

The mani/pedi with eyebrows came to $60 and the  pedicure took place in an insanely comfortable massage chair.

I’m in sticker shock. That’s a lot of money to spend on unplanned items. Part of me feels silly as I should have been saving for this month as I knew it was going to be insane. Another part is grateful that I completed my payments last month as this means I’m using my paycheque for these things.

Going into the week I’m feeling good as I look good, know my feet aren’t going to be on fire, and got to spend some quality time with ML and my parents. This is particularly true of my mum, as we went shoe shopping together and she did my hair so I didn’t have to go to a salon.

ML has cleaned the house, done laundry and cooked for the start of the week. Now it’s up to me to spend $0 this week and keep a positive attitude. I’m looking forward to the marathon week as I’m feeling rested and prepared. As I’ll be working from 6:30 am to 7 pm I most likely won’t be blogging.

I hope you have a fantastic week!!

8 thoughts on “Weekend spending 

  1. It is fortunate you’ve cleared the LOC so that you know you can actually afford these things. Feeling good and comfortable really does make a difference to quality of life though. Let these be a little reward in advance for the crazy week ahead, and after work settles, back to frugal living and beating the debt-paying-game. I wish everything goes well for you this week! Make sure you eat and take a walk when you need to and treat yourself to a little something in your time, even if it’s as small as a nice tea with bunny. Good luck!

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  2. Thanks Jess! I’m definitely hoping to eat well and hydrate so I don’t get sick at the end of this.
    You’re right, these were treats to help ease the crazy and I will recommit next week when the dust settles.

    Poor little Bunny is suffering from lack of attention right now. She’s only getting the basics and is in need of some proper cuddle time. I’ve set my alarm a bit earlier than I need this week to attempt to make it up to her. I’m also hoping it gives us both a decent start to our day.

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  3. Sometimes the long working days go by more quickly because our time is spent more focused and more productive. Sounds like you’re heading into this week well prepared. Enjoy some time with that adorable bunny. Our animals help give us a better mental attitude as we take on long adventurous days. Enjoy your week!

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  4. I always feel guilty after an unplanned splurge. I can always think of 10 ways I could have spent that money responsibly. But then it takes my mom to remind me that sometimes I have to treat myself by not being cheap and plan to do better next time.

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