The Cost of Working

When we had thought we were having kids I had planned to take an extended leave of absence. It really did appear that we would have more available income if we were a one income home but didn’t pay for childcare or the costs associated with my job.

This thought is returning as I gear up for a marathon work week next week. I’m looking at heading to the office at 6:30 a.m. each day with the possibility of leaving as early as 7 p.m. or as late as 10.

In spite of our best food intentions, both ML and I were a bit off last weekend ( I got migraine) so we ended up eating out a few times this week. I’m hoping next week will be better. ML has promised to help pack my lunches the night before.

Now comes fashion. Silly really that I didn’t budget for it. Last weekend I sorted out my clothing for all of next week. That’s when I realized I could really benefit from at least 2 additional pants. When I’m working normal hours it’s easy to do mid week loads of laundry and iron clothing on a morning. Next week I’m not going to have the energy and I don’t want to wake ML at 5:30 a.m. when he has to work as well.

On to shoes! When I KonMari’d my home last year I got rid of loads of shoes that were quite old. It was great and my feet thanked me. However, I haven’t been great about adding to the collection since. So shoe shopping is now on the list as I need a few more pairs of comfortable, dressy shoes. Luckily I got a 25% off coupon from my go-to store this  morning!

Then there’s the temptation to get a mani/pedi, a hair treatment, and professional eye brows to treat myself and look ‘pulled together.’ As part of my job is to look like I’m having a fantastic time while putting out fires, this isn’t as frivolous as it sounds.

Everyone handles their needs differently. My clothing, make up and hairstyles are the armour I wear when I’m heading into stressful situations. I’m also hoping that pampering myself this weekend will be part of my self care. So I’ll begin the week refreshed and relaxed.

Do you have any costs like these?



9 thoughts on “The Cost of Working

  1. I need to spend a little more on new clothes and haircuts than I have been but I’ve been so determined to pay off debt that it’s been on the back burner. I think my co-workers are sick of seeing me in the same things every day.


  2. I am completing my second year in retirement. I do not miss the daily business stress but I do miss the patient interaction. I loved working with patients and have transitioned to blogging as a way to continue to interact and provide a service (I believe) offers value to people all over the world. I get to interact without having to concern myself with the business side of health care. Keeps me smiling everyday! 🙂

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    1. I miss that during certain times in my job as we’re a fairly small office. You’re definitely providing a service! I’ve fallen off my health wagon this week but even saying that, I still consumed water and had fruit as snacks. Previously I would have subsisted on Coke and cookies for the workweek…your consistency has helped me in my own planning

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    1. Lol, that is fantastic ! I tend to purchase shoes in June and October. Those are my big event months and I’m not easy on my shoes.
      The last time I remember purchasing clothing was for a conference last February and a few camisoles last July.

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  3. Yes I still pay large sums of money to the hairdresser which I probably woudn’t if I wasn’t doing an office job. And I work in conservative office so no jeans allowed. I do have a budget for all this. Stocking/tights annoy me because they aren’t cheap and often get holes in them after only 1 wear. Oh well, as you say the cost of working.


  4. I’m lucky to have our office uniforms to be worn from Monday to Thursday. That way I only have to dress up for Fridays. For that I frequent thrift shops because I don’t want to spend so much on clothes. I’m also low-maintenance on salon things I just get a hair treatment once a year. But those really are costs while working, and must be controlled as much as possible.

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