That Gift Closet

When I Konmari’d my home I created a gift closet for items that could conceivably be regifted. I also included items purchased on sale as emergency gifts( last minute invitations that require a gift).

Last week I was picking up some things for work when I noticed a sale. I checked the expiry dates on the items and realized that they would be good until 2017.Jackpot!

I came home with these riches.

New additions to the gift closet

My only concern was that this may be wasted money if I forget about them or don’t have people to give them to as the gift closet has gotten a bit full. So I did an audit with ML and figured who is getting what items.

This is my list starting with my most recent acquisitions and who will be getting them:

  • The 5 cake mixes are going to be used as birthday gifts for 2 friends with the other 3 being emergency gifts
  • The soups  & dip mixes are going to be part of Christmas for each of our parents.
  • ML’s dad is going to get dip mix for Father’s day
  • 2 sets of Bedroom slippers: one for each sister in law as part of a comfy, cozy Christmas gift pack
  • Toy animal carrier: Christmas gift for a friend’s child who will be ~8 months at Christmas
  • Insanely cuddly teddy bear: new baby gift in September
  • Ball cap : happy to see you gift for a cousin as he collects them
  • Gluten free cookbook: Christmas or birthday gift for cousin
  • Athletic set: birthday gift for a friend’s child
  • Kid dishes: gift for friend having a second child. They’re easy to clean, portioned platters for kids as well as a bowl set. Plan is to add kid friendly consumables.
  • Novelty cookware: either going to a specific friend for Christmas or used as a Secret Santa present

The following are items that can be given as gifts but I don’t have a particular person in mind:

  • Jeweled photo frame
  • Liquor filled chocolates (must be given prior to September)
  • Martini bath set
  • Christmas cookie cutters
  • Christmas jewelry set

It turns out that my feeling that not everything in the closet will be used was accurate. There were a few items that I ended up putting in my own stash.

  • Makeup gift set since the box had gotten a bit banged up ( it had been purchased with someone in mind but we never connected).
  • An assortment of lotions that would most likely be able to be part of various gift packages. The problem is having the memory to recall they’re available or the energy to create said gift package.
  • Various body washes. Same reason as lotions.

As we can use all these items and they’ll simply reduce our household bills while giving us a treat ( I’m going to smell like grapefruit for at least 2 months) I think it’s a win.

I did have a moment of feeling cheap as I was doing this exercise. I thought about it and realized it was because the majority were purchased on sale, while a few are being regifted. I also felt that someone may feel cheated if they knew I purchased their Christmas gift in June because it was a great deal. This line of thought caused a bit of laughter. I realized that my purchasing a gift for someone now means that they’re never far from my thoughts, that their likes and preferences are so obvious to me that I want to get them meaningful items.

After are how much was spent last Christmas I’m feeling good about my gift closet and the types of presents I’ll be giving my loved ones this year for special occasions.


8 thoughts on “That Gift Closet

  1. What a wonderful sentiment – that your loved ones aren’t far from your thoughts, so you picked up meaningful gifts when you saw them, rather out of obligation when the time came. I like this exercise and I’m glad you came away with a few treats yourself 🙂

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  2. I think this is brilliant, and good on you for using some of your stash on yourself. i like the idea that you have people in your heart, close to you, so you know their gift preferences.

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  3. My Mum started one of these cupboards and it saves her a bundle. I have a tiny one but it literally contains two gifts.
    I try to encourage my friends not to gift at Christmas, as it’s expensive, time consuming and sometimes super stressful.
    Instead we do a mini-Christmas day at someone’s house and everyone contributes a piece of the feast and that is our gift to each other – perfect time with friends and kind on the wallet too 😀

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  4. it is not being cheap, but as you said being considerate towards other people while also caring about yourself. I follow a similar hesitation time to time, but then everybody gets something nice out of this exercise too . well done 🙂

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