Looking Ahead: June


Summer is always a bit busy. The good weather means that everyone wants to go out and have fun, weekend festivals are in full swing and friends are able to stay out later to make use of the longer days.

When I was originally planning June it was a simple month. May isn’t over yet and so far we’ve got plans for every weekend in June:

Friend’s birthday: $100;  Archery tag ($30/person), gift ($25), and gas. We’re going to skip the dinner portion of this.

Wine Tour: $60; I doubt I’ll spend it all but as a girlfriend is coming down that weekend the $60 includes any activities with her

Father’s Day hosting and tokens: $150

Hosting Family Barbecue for 12:  $200

Baby Shower: $200 from Life Happens account

Crazy work week: I’m going to be working 13 hours/ day for a week. So I know I’ll be tempted to purchase lunch, buy coffee and generally treat myself. ML and I have chatted about how we’ll tag team this week to ensure that we keep our spirits up and budget down.

As it  stands we’re going to have to get creative to keep to the budget we created for ourselves but it’s going to be fantastic.

How’s your June shaping up?


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12 thoughts on “Looking Ahead: June

    1. Thanks!
      I’m looking forward to the month but the crazy week is a bit scary. My overtime to prepare for it has begun now.
      Your comment made me consider starting a “care kit” for it. I’m also going to reach out to the venue and see if they have a kitchenette where I can keep a snack stash.

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  1. I hope June can recoup some unexpected May expenses. We seem to eat less in the summer months, or maybe its me, i just am not that hungry. I have been adding cucumber slices and other fruits, to my giant water bottle, so it seems “fancy” without extra $.

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  2. Yeowch! Crazy month and work! You’ve planned as best you can and strategised how to not let it blow out, so enjoy! All that won’t be worth it if it stresses you out more than the joy it gives you 🙂

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