Sometimes I Need a Smoke Break

No, I have not decided to pick up this particular vice. I promise.

I have, however, been listening to Carrie Underwood’s most recent album non stop. One of the singles is Smoke Break about people who don’t drink or smoke but crave the release those activities promise.

I was thinking about smoke breaks because my work is unionized so we have two 15 minute breaks we can take in addition to lunch. Guess, who tends to go outside and take these breaks? Smokers.

Today was gorgeous but I only got outside because I had a meeting in another building. Sitting for 8 hours is awful yet I do this to myself at least 5 days a week so I’m going to start taking ‘smoke breaks.’

It seems counterintuitive to leave my desk for fifteen minute increments when work is hectic but I think these breaks are necessary. I’m going to start small with a walk around the block twice a day. I’ll get outside, get moving, give my eyes a break and my mind a rest.

Here’s the song that started it all:


12 thoughts on “Sometimes I Need a Smoke Break

    1. Thanks! I used to be better in an office with more people, since I changed jobs and it is more obvious if I’m not at my desk I tend to shy away. You’re right, it is scheduled so I really should be using it.

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      1. My back pain problem 😦 is linked to sitting long hours without taking a break and forcing my spine to move/stay at unnatural positions… that is what I was told and I do see truth in this. Equally important is the fact that my mind benefits from having a break from the topic/task I am focused on. When I come back from my breaks, I have a chance to see the big picture and have a better approach to the problem at hand. Breaks also give a chance to collect our thoughts or socialize with others. My union does not specify breaks unfortunately, yet I am lucky as nobody ever questions if I take breaks :)))

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      2. I’m sorry to hear about your back. it Really does make sense. In spite of the union it’s still difficult as I’m the only union employee in that office…me and 4 managers. I’m more likely to use the health reason rather than union to not look bad.
        It’s a bit of an odd office that way. here’s to us putting our health first!

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      3. thank you for your kind words. It is good to use the more “acceptable” reason to take the breaks (i.e. health reasons) 🙂 the reason? people think differently. I always encouraged my team members to take frequent breaks, as our line of work requires a lot of computer work and thus siting. one of my team members says he does not need breaks because he is exercising everyday :))) it is great of course, but would be even better he had taken his breaks. he is so young and all I want to do is to help protect him. I feel like a mom sometimes :))) cheers!


  1. A “forced” break sounds exactly like what you may need. Interesting that so many people choose to go from prolonged sitting (unhealthy) to using “free time” to smoke (unhealthy.) …and people wonder why they’re not happy?
    I think your game plan sounds smart. Enjoy creating a little more time for yourself and your thoughts.

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  2. I understand! But getting away from your desknlike that is good, it clears your head, makes you walk outside and changes your though pattern. Said the girl who eats lunch at her desk.

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