Going old Fashioned in the Kitchen: Vegetable stock

My grocery budget for this week was $45 and I was able to create a list that was $42.61. Even when I added a few ingredients when I found out my mushrooms had turned I still managed to come out at $44.66.

Big win!

Then I began trying to choose which recipe to start with. Since the mushrooms had turned I decided to make the cauliflower soup as we’ve had three quarters of a cauliflower in our fridge for a week.

It turns out I had forgotten that I had used all my homemade chicken stock and couldn’t find any packages of it. Considering how good I had been about our budget I didn’t want to wreck it. One site suggested I make a vegetable stock instead.

Small problem, Bunny takes care of all our vegetable scraps and I only buy the vegetables I know we won’t waste so there were no extras hiding the fridge.

That’s when I found thisย Vegetable stock base. I adjusted it to suit my needs.

  • 5 cups of water
  • 3 cloves ย of garlic, smashed
  • Half an onion chopped
  • 2 bay leaves
  • A good shake of peppercorns
  • A good shake of dried thyme
  • Tsp of salt
  • Remaining cauliflower stalk

I simmered it until I needed it, about 25 minutes.

I probably should invest in cheesecloth or a sieve but my reusable coffee filter did the job this time. I strained it and got my 4 cups of stock.

I’ve got to admit it smells divine!



14 thoughts on “Going old Fashioned in the Kitchen: Vegetable stock

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