If We Were Having Coffee: Positivity


Bunny and I are currently having tea. Come join us!


Bunny has one of the bedrooms in our home. It has a TV stand, that holds her food and toiletries, and a small filing  unit. There’s a built in cupboard that holds various  office supplies and our extra stash of hand soap and toilet paper.

The previous owners had removed the doors from all the cupboards and we asked them to not put them back. Instead we hung curtains. They take up less room when open and add a nice touch. We had originally planned to have a collection to swap out and change the décor but never did buy extras.

Bunny loves her closet curtain. At least  once a day I’m treated to a Bunny Ballet. She grips the edge of the curtain in her mouth and twirls herself in it.

There’s no seating in her room, as Bunny has no use for chairs other than as expensive chew toys. Instead, she invites guests to join her on the floor. I usually sit near the door so my tea cup can be outside the room. Though we can be closer to her TV stand so you can rest your cup there.

So Bunny doesn’t feel left out, I’ll give her water in a tea cup and we’ll have a party. She’ll probably sit between us and find the best position to be petted.

It always amazes me that this little animal who hated to be touched eight years ago now demands to be petted. I’ve been with her for 30 minutes and she has no interest in my stopping.

People are like that too. They can learn to fear and therefore avoid your company, and anyone who reminds them of you. Or if you’re patient and kind they seek you out.

The past few weeks at work I don’t feel that I’ve been patient and kind. I know that I’ve been polite and professional but it’s not the same.

A lot of it has to do with how I think and allowing myself to focus on negatives. A few years ago I did an exercise where for every negative thought I tried to find 2 positives about the person or situation. Today I’m going to do that but I’m also going to do it for me. When I look at my growing to do list and feel inefficient I’m going to remember that the time I spent on the phone with someone trying to get the answers they need was important and that helping with a project mattered to a colleague.

What would you like to share over coffee?


4 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee: Positivity

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! I always appreciate it. I’m so glad that you also get something out of my blog 🙂 I put my plan into place and in spite of my to do list looking rather dismal I’m feeling good about myself.

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  1. I commend you for the self-examination and assesment of your moods. There are just times we don’-t seem to be on our A game, but thats part of our humanity. It happens. Realizing it hurts you, and taking steps to bring yourself out of it, is our divinity in action. You inspire a lot of people!

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