Hotel Minimalism

I love going to hotels. At first I thought it was because of the fact that there are no chores when I visit a hotel and I get a pool. Over the past few years I’ve come to realize it’s the hotel aesthetic that really makes me want to live in one.

Hotels are all about minimalism and the ones I love always have interesting features. The washroom in my most recent hotel had some great light fixtures, a gorgeous mirror and an interesting addition in the shower to put toiletries on.


On this trip, I also found a store I loved and it was apparent to me that part of its charm was the decor. Like my favourite hotels it was bright, felt spacious in spite of being tiny, had some great splashes of colour.

Well I shouldn’t be going out of my home to feel at home so now that I’ve returned I’m trying to bring some of that hotel feeling with me. Before we left we cleaned the house as there’s nothing worse than coming home from a trip to a messy home.

The benefit of this was everything already felt spacious and the counters were fairly clear. I’m currently going through our main living spaces and trying to make them a bit more relaxing. It’s meant moving knick-knacks that aren’t bringing me joy and re-arranging the placement of a few things.

I changed the curtains in each room by swapping them for each other. The master bedroom currently has the curtains from Bunny’s room, Bunny got the curtains from the guest room and the guest room is keeping the master bedroom curtains. It cost nothing but each room has gotten a change.

I’m also going around each morning and opening our curtains. Now that we’re coming home while it’s still light outside it’s great!

Do you get the urge to re-arrange your home sometimes?


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