May Budget Update

I’ve been a bit concerned about not being able to pay off my LOC. Experience has taught me that when I keep an eye o my finances I’m usually able to do amazing things.

When reviewing our vacation budget I took a moment to assess my monthly budget as well. As it stands I have $200 until the end of the month. This is based on my budget and not on my breathing room numbers that I created. This sounds like a lot of money but it’s surprising how far it can stretch but how quickly it can disappear. Based on this knowledge here’s my updated budget.

May 17-20 Groceries 30
May 21-27 Groceries 45
Movie 45
May 28-31 Groceries 60
Gift 20

The significant increase in groceries is to accommodate the fact that we’ll be taking dinner to a friend’s home the weekend of the 28th.

I’m not going to lie, there was a bit of a panic when I saw the cost of the movie tickets. Yep that cost is just tickets. However, I chose the most expensive theatre option I could find to help me quote it. Next time someone invites us to the movies I think I may have to insist that we do it on a Tuesday night. We’re going to see Captain America: Civil War and I’m a fan of these movies so I know it’s a decision I won’t regret.

If this works out I’ll not only pay off my LOC but will be in the black!


6 thoughts on “May Budget Update

  1. missmoneypennies1

    I never understand the lure of the movie theater! I would rather watch a movie from the comfort of my home and invite friends over. But I definitely have those friends who need to the movie as soon as it comes out in theaters! I hate forking out $15 for a movie but sometimes social obligations are out of our control. Hopefully the tickets come in less than you budgeted them for!

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    1. I used to love the drive in as a child. I lived in the tropics so it was a pretty early night and we got to run around like crazy people before, during and after the movie.
      As a teenager movies were the things we did but as an adult I find I only tend to see them if they’re action movies. The special effects make it worth it for me.
      With the rest, I definitely enjoy movies at home. My own variety of snacks, lots of opportunities to take breaks and ask questions /comment on characters without disturbing the others who didn’t come for the peanut gallery 🙂

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      1. missmoneypennies1

        I agree, sometimes I’ll splurge if it is supposed to be amazing on the big screen (action movies) and the big plus of movies at homes is you can snack on whatever you want for a fraction of the price 🙂

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