Beverage Dispenser Update

Last Sunday I purchased 100 ball pits for $15 and then turned to you to ask for your suggestions to deal with the leftovers.

A few of you  (Jess and Elizabethsg412) recommended that I use things from around my home. Once the dispenser was a bit less full I took the balls out and put in seashells I had in an envelope. The poor shells have been languishing for years but when I did my KonMari clean I couldn’t bear to part with them.

They’re finally getting their day in the sun!


Though I liked the balls, I really do prefer the calming and beachy feel these bring to the kitchen.

With my refund I was able to purchase some groceries for the vacation, cleaning supplies and personal care items. It’s amazing how much and how little $15 can get you!

Thanks to everyone who reads and comments! I really do listen to you 🙂


8 thoughts on “Beverage Dispenser Update

  1. missmoneypennies1

    I love the shells! Don’t you love re-purposing things you already own? I need to get better about this so that I stop bringing new things into the house!

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  2. I like your new choice of shells.
    Your posts are important. They help you see what YOU are doing as well as show your READERS a perspective on life that might affect their lives as well. Your posts are “real” and come with “real emotions” attached. This adds even greater value.

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