Fit Fam Gets Married

The wedding we’re attending is for 2 people (S&R) who look like fitness models. They should because they prioritize eating well and exercising. They’re actually the kind of people you’d love to hate if you’re feeling insecure but can’t because they’re too nice.

Two years ago when I began wanting to be more active S got right on board with me and would help me train for a 5 k after she hit the gym. Her soft sell approach had me eating healthier and learning that a healthy lifestyle does not mean giving up the ‘good’ stuff but feeding my being well.

I’m a bit vain so I was feeling a bit self-conscious going to this wedding knowing that their workout buddies would be there. I had begun working out a bit in March but April was a horrible write off as I spent the majority of it sick. Slowly I pulled myself up and began eating well again and exercising.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find myself actually wanting to work out. I’m not doing anything crazy. Usually it’s a routine like the one pictured, though I’m yet to get to 10 sets.


My body has changed as I’ve gotten older and I’m not entirely in love with new me. I appreciate my body for what it does but have come to realize that it does a lot of work in spite of me. So this summer I’m recommitting to me.

I’m going to:

  • Continue eating on salad plates
  • Focus on maintaining a less processed diet
  • Drink at least 1.5L of water per day
  • eat my snacks out of tea plates at home
  • Continue my at home workouts and change them up to keep myself interested

How are you treating yourself?

Workout from here


6 thoughts on “Fit Fam Gets Married

  1. In my 20s and 30s, I gauged my fitness by how I looked in my clothes. I still do that, but now I actually LOOK at my body. Boy, have things changed in my late 40s…lol. I’m naturally thin, but thin and flabby ain’t cute. 😦 I walk about 5 miles a day, but I don’t drink nearly enough water…gotta get better. What’s your tip for drinking more water?

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    1. We’re in the same boat in that I’m naturally thin and I totally feel you in thin and flabby. 5 miles is amazing! I have a clear water bottle that holds .5 litres so I know I have to have 3 bottles to achieve my goal. I find that seeing the amount I m drinking helps a great deal

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  2. missmoneypennies1

    That is great that you are recommitting to a healthier lifestyle! I do weight watchers. I swear it is the only thing that keeps me in check with exercise and diet. Even when my budget gets tight I make room for this cost and I think long term benefits wise it is worth it.

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  3. Good for you. An approach to good health needs to be REALISTIC. Most people have good intentions and UNrealistic plans of action. It must allow flexibility, yet maintain boundaries. The satisfaction is found in feeling better, gaining greater function and NOT deteriorating (degenerating) as quickly as we age. The “soft sell” is also beneficial. A military boot camp approach will simply turn many people off.

    Keep up the god work and be prepared to reap the benefits. I wouldn’t trade the lifestyle for anything.

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