If we Were having Coffee: Mini Vacation

I’ve just discovered the downtown. There’s a Fudgery that’s opening in a few minutes and in spite of the cold rain I think we should meet there.

It’s a really nice town. We explored a tiny bit yesterday when we came in but we were pretty tired. So this morning we looked around a bit more. It’s quite like our city and makes me want to be a tourist at home to see what new stores and restaurants are coming in.

ML has a bit of a headache so he’s hanging out at the hotel. We had a bit of a laugh coming in as we were chatting about packing and he realized that he probably packed his suit and tie sans shirt.

This could have been super stressful if we hadn’t come up early or had miscellaneous funds allocated. Instead we had a good laugh, headed to a department store near the hotel and picked up an inexpensive shirt that met his needs.

When we realized he had left his shirt, it was interesting for ML to say, “I’m glad you’re not mad.” My immediate response was, ” Of course not.” However, a year ago I probably would have been upset that my carefully crafted budget  was being ruined. Instead, the last year has taught me to prepare for the unexpected.

It was a nice moment to realize how far I have come and the way financial pressure can affect our relationship.

How’s your week been?




5 thoughts on “If we Were having Coffee: Mini Vacation

    1. Thanks! You have definitely had an impact! I’m just coming back from the hotel gym. It seems I’ve developed a mild addiction to exercise.
      My love of junk food is taking a hit as well! I used to believe you couldn’t really enjoy yourself on vacation if you weren’t bringing some junk food. Now it turns out I can sample junk food but my previous amounts make me immediately regretful.
      Thanks so much!!


  1. Appreciate that blog post. None of us are perfect, and parking tickets and such happen. It’s I portent to focus on the big picture and not stress too much when small budgetary blips arise

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