You’re Going to Have to Finish That

When I was a child, we had to try new things but we were never forced to finish things we didn’t like. We could eat around it and my parents would make certain adjustments next time. For brand new items, sometimes we weren’t offered them right away but could take a sample  from my dad’s plate.

My dad can eat anything: sweet, savoury,salty, bitter. It didn’t matter. Which allowed us to try lots of things knowing it won’t go to waste. I used to think that taste didn’t matter to him but he’s pretty vocal about what he likes, what can use additional seasoning, etc.

As an adult I can no longer foist my leftovers on him because, “They just don’t taste right!” It’s my turn to be the adult.

I had two purchases that  we experimented to make more palatable.


I had accidentally purchased blanched peanuts. Desperate for a snack one day we opened them and weren’t thrilled with the taste. It is an 800 gram bag so we weren’t about to throw it out. Instead ML decided to roast them.

Here was his quick fix:

  • Cover a cookie sheet in foil and pour a bit of oil on it. You want shiny not swimming.
  • Roll the peanuts on the sheet so they get coated
  • Sprinkle seasoning on the peanuts and shake them (he used taco seasoning)
  • Broil for five minutes



I chose an unflavoured yogurt because it was on sale and was the one with the least amount of sugar per serving when compared to the flavoured ones on sale. Unfortunately ML doesn’t eat a lot of yogurt and I’ve found this one rather bitter.

To help me, I’ve taken to drizzling syrup on it and mixing it in. Sounds crazy since I was trying to avoid a high sugar content, right? It turns out by adding 1 tsp of syrup I’m still adding 15% less sugar than if I had purchased the flavoured yogurt.

What tricks do you have to help make certain foods more palatable?


9 thoughts on “You’re Going to Have to Finish That

  1. tenleygwen

    I’m a huge fan of plain yogurt — I always dress it up with dried fruit and nuts. Adds sweetness and crunch along with some additional nutrients (or so I tell myself!). When I make something that ends up not being great, the BF and I turn to sriracha, usually — it covers a multitude of sins! 😛

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  2. Clothing pin on my nose. Can’t taste a darn thing if you don’t breathe through your nose! 😀 Over the years, I have consumed horribly tasting HEALTHY foods using this strategy. Sometimes things we don’t care for offer such great health benefits, its worth eating or drinking anyway. Do it first; get it over with and enjoy the rest of the meal. You will be glad you did in the long run!

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  3. I’ve added honey to plain yogurt, especially greek plain yogurt. Actually, I made my own crockpot yogurt with some plain yogurt and milk. It was less bitter than store bought, but I mostly use it in smoothies.

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  4. I don’t know if you keep jam or preserves in your house but I’ve added a tsp or two of strawberry jam to my yogurt with success. Sometimes I add a packet of Truvia and some vanilla extract or natural peanut butter which turns out good as well.

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  5. My doctor suggested coconut water for potassium since it has “less sugar and more potassium” than bananas. You can definitely tell it has less sugar, haha! I’m going to try putting it in a smoothie and see if that masks the taste!

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