KonMari Revisited

In April, Grace over at the CFO MOM Blog began blogging about her experience implementing ideas from Marie Kondo’s book Spark Joy.  You may remember that I gave my home an overhaul after reading one of Kondo’s books. Reading Grace’s journey had me reflecting on if my experience had been either life changing or magical. It’s been 8 months since I’ve completed my fanatical mission of banishing items that didn’t spark joy.

So far the benefits have been:

  • I really altered my way of thinking so I’m less likely to bring things that don’t feel joyful into my space
  • I continued finding ways to improve
    • Arranging my kitchen cupboards so almost all the food can now be in the kitchen rather than in basement storage
    • Reorganizing our sock bin using cardboard dividers to make it  much tidier
  • I’m more willing to let things go that no longer are suited to our life.
    • I don’t fix broken items. I want to but I don’t. I now acknowledge this and send them to homes where they can be fixed or throw them away
    • I no longer keep books because I have them. I pass them along.
  • My clothes! I haven’t purchased new clothing in ages
    • I have 2 bins: worn since October and not worn since October. When I get bored with my current selection I put them in the worn bin and pull out things from the not worn bin.
  • Our home feels ginormous!

We’re not perfect but our home was at a sweet spot last September and we got used to it. Slowly things started to creep in. Even ML has mentioned that it’s feeling cluttered even though it doesn’t look it. So it’s back to the drawing board, sort of.

Last week I began using the KonMari method again in key areas. It was easier this time because I  had stored like items together when I packed things away last year. I also have a better idea of what needs to ‘tidied.’

I’ve adjusted the method to suit my needs. Instead of KonMari-ing the entire house again I’m just doing the categories that I feel have gotten a bit crazy. I began with cookbooks and  was able to get rid of items that don’t do it for us anymore. Some of them were items I kept when was on the fence about them last year. Then I tackled clothing. Once more I was able to get rid of a host of pieces I kept last time because I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to them.

Revisiting KonMari has allowed me to cherish the items in my home and ensure that we’re surrounding ourselves with things that make us happy. It’s also been great way to check in with myself as I get to see what items still spark joy in me.

A lot of the sorting happens in Bunny’s room so we can spend time together. She enjoys giving her opinion but clearly finds tidying exhausting!

9 thoughts on “KonMari Revisited

  1. tenleygwen

    I’m STILL stuck on paper! I just have a block. I don’t want to deal with it. And I keep saying “next weekend” and then the weekend comes and I have too much planned to get around to it. Marie would be disappointed in me.

    This weekend a friend is visiting from out of town and helping me build planters in my back patio. But maybe in the evening I can tackle paper … even typing it out makes me feel queasy!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Papers are the hardest category for me too! Even dealing with sentimental items is easier than papers for me- I always wonder, “but what if I need this?” Scanning everything seems like too much effort. If you have any tips for organizing papers, please share! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. tenleygwen

        I think my “tip” is going to be … the big “confidential” shredder at my office! All my tax docs and statements are online now anyway, so other than things like the deed to my house and title to my car, what do I really need to save? (Okay, there will probably be a few other things in there … and that’s where the difficulty comes in. How to decide?)

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I used to feel that way too! I now only keep things I need ( mortgage, car stuff, etc.) Bills get tossed every month once they’re paid. Hope that helps!


    2. Marie would definitely be disappointed in me! I really adjusted it to suit my needs. Paper is awful! I still hadn’t done memorabilia :). I know her rules but it still makes me happy seeing old diaries and letters.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like procrastination hasn’t found its way into your thinking! You seem to enjoy tackling projects and reaping the rewards upon completing them. Gives you a mission and a sense of accomplishment. Smart way to approach life!

    Liked by 1 person

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