Maybe I should Read my Blog

When I began blogging I had a very clear idea of why I was doing it:

I’m writing to track myself. I’m writing to forgive myself when I spend too much and to track the ways in which I do cut back.

I’ve done that! I’ve even gone so far as to share budgets I was creating. For example, I posted my anticipated vacation budget so I was able to see how much I needed to save in order to afford going to the wedding later this month. I also posted it so when May rolled around I’d remember what my categories were and wouldn’t be tempted to blow through $1,260. The only hiccup is that I posted it, saved toward my goals, but didn’t read that post again until this weekend. That’s when I noticed that I had included the cost of the gift in that line.

In my monthly debriefs in March and April I lamented the cost related to purchasing gifts and the fact that I had to use my spending money rather than savings to purchase presents. If I had kept that post top of mind I would have been sailing. On the plus side, I was able to pay down my debt and still get presents for people.

I’m really trying to pay off my Line of Credit (LOC)this month but it’s been a bit of a struggle and I was getting a bit down. Especially since I had  assessed the month. There were a few costs that I had missed or came up after:

  • We ended up hosting (and cooking) for both our families for Mother’s Day
  • A friend asked us to go to see Captain America: Civil War and I had just said we couldn’t attend her birthday dinner so I said yes to that
  • Another friend has come home as her grandfather died. Her parents live about an hour away so we’re driving to see them
  • Yet another friend has recently had a baby and I promised to take dinner
  • A friend I see once every 2 months is popping into town and wants to meet for breakfast (guess who said yes)

The lesson: I’m very blessed to be surrounded by people I care for. People who mean the world to me, who I want to spend time with and who have been there for me.

This weekend I took another look at my budget and it will be very tight but I may be able to pay off the loan.

If I don’t I haven’t failed or fallen. I have said yes to people who matter to me. This is another bonus of blogging and reading my own blog. I can easily see if costs I incur are worthwhile.

So this is me being kind to myself, seeing the blessings in my life and forgiving myself if I don’t manage to pay off my LOC ahead of schedule.

I hope you’re being kind to you too!




12 thoughts on “Maybe I should Read my Blog

    1. Thanks for reading! I was really struggling with my feelings regarding saying yes but then having it affect my budget. Your comment helped continue to keep me focused on who I want to be which is a supportive friend 🙂

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  1. I agree with you completely. This is not an “out of control” attitude. These are unusual “happenings.” Even with these events, you have been (and continue to show) great responsibility. Your attitude and sense of focus will prevail in the end.

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    1. Thank you! I had to write it out now as I suspect I’d be a bit of a sad sack as the month went on and my goal moved a bit further out of reach. Listing out the reasons helped me feel grateful instead of glum.

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  2. It sounds like you have your priorities in the right place. There will always be financial challenges, but I think you are handling them well!! Also, as soon as your budget allows, you may want to save money in some kind of “unexpected happenings” type category. This will, in the long run, take away some of the anxiety and will be money actually budgeted for discrectionary things.

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    1. It’s really changing my thinking. I have a life happens account for things I want to do but don’t fit in my budget and then a Sky is Falling account in case of true emergencies.
      I started typing a long answer but I think this is going to be a post 🙂
      It’ll help me answer your questions and really reflect on how to adjust my thinking.

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