If we Were Having Coffee – Friday High


If we were having coffee, it would be outside. ML just cut the grass, and by grass I mean the dandelions that return every year, so it looks quite lovely.

With a little luck my chippies will pop in for a visit as we’re sitting there. I’m so excited that they returned this year. I’ve fed them for the past two years and they always start off skittish but by July they’re feeling secure and will come right up to their ‘coffee’ cups when we’re outside and enjoy a meal.


We’re hosting our families, separately, for Mother’s Day. It’s funny I think both mums would like to visit with each other but I feel more comfortable doing it this way. We’ll be hosting a joint family later in the summer so that they can see each other but then our siblings can choose how they participate.

For my mum I’m in charge of the salads (potato and green) and one dessert. We haven’t decided what we’re making for ML’s.

I love both our families and they’re easy going. No one is going to wander through my house tsk-ing at the shelves or wondering when we last dusted. Yet, I find when I have people over I begin to look at my home through those judgmental eyes. On the plus side, it spurs me to tidy properly and get rid of things that are just taking up space. I’ve been slowly doing that this week and not only do I feel productive but I feel lighter.

I’ve got a bit more to do tonight. Tomorrow will be spent doing groceries and prepping the meals so that I feel relaxed  on Sunday. We’re going to be hosting from 11:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. on Sunday with a maybe 2 hour break so I want to set us up for success emotionally.

I’m looking forward to the weekend and spending quality time with ML & our families.

How was your week? How will you be spending your weekend?




7 thoughts on “If we Were Having Coffee – Friday High

    1. They are! It’s too funny because it came true yesterday.
      Thanks for asking, it’s buried in one of my early posts and I never thought to update my about page.
      I’m a bit of a romantic so it stands for My Love :). I’ve always hated when people got married and started referring to this spouse exclusively as my husband/wife. Even while attempting to be anonymous I couldn’t bear to refer to him as “my husband” all the time.
      Bonus: every time I type ML I smile, I’ve ended up giving myself an almost daily reminder of what he truly is to me.

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      1. Awww that’s lovely! I don’t like saying boyfriend/husband as well which is why I say partner, but I’ve had older generations chide me because they think partner is a dirty word lol and people my generation raise an eyebrow because they’re not sure whether I mean “same sex partner” or “long term partner”.

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  1. Hope your Mother’s Day Weekend was a success!

    Ours was low key. We took our daughter to a kids learning center where she could run around and went out to dinner. My gift to my wife was a mini trip for our family in San Diego this weekend so that’ll be good times. 🙂


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