But It’s a Good Deal!

When I first began I really took stock of what matters to me.

I feel like I’ve done a relatively good job on all of these with the exception of  being good to my environment. After a few months I stopped seeking out free range eggs, humanely sourced meats or local produce. Then I got an e-mail.

University students in our community have an urban micro farm on their campus. During the summer,, community members can purchase a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership. For $130 I can get 1/4 bushel of fresh, homegrown produce for 10 weeks.It’s a great deal at $13/week and best of all it’s a five minute walk from my work so there’s no time juggling needed to secure my goodies before the garden closes.

Teeny issue. It’s an immediate sign up and I hadn’t budgeted for it in May. At $130 it’s more than half my monthly grocery budget. Desperately wanting to make some headway on my environmental goals I signed up anyway. Now current me has to figure out how to make it work.

My solution came as I looked at my multiple savings lines. As the membership doesn’t start until July I will use my Life Happens account for this and start paying it back in July when I get the food.

I’ve increased my Life Happens payments in July, August and September and made a note to decrease my grocery spending in those months.

What tips to do you have to make use of great deals that don’t quite fit into your current budget?


11 thoughts on “But It’s a Good Deal!

  1. It’s a good deal AND a smart investment in your health. Eating cheaper produce laced with pesticides and other toxins does not save money when the results lead to compromised health. Always place GOOD health FIRST. Without good health, life as well as financial planning experiences catastrophic outcomes.

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  2. marieandtheappletree

    Look for free food or gleaning food – I get given lots of produce that I then process and store eg frozen or jams/preserves – dried fruit etc – live as though you have $20 less a week til your back on track ❤️

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