Spendthrift Sunday

I’m still reeling a bit from my shopping spree on Sunday. It bothered me almost as soon as we came home as I had just posted my plans for May. I hadn’t put together a proper budget for the shopping trip which I think also made me feel uncomfortable.  When I feel that we’ve overspent documenting it here helps me deal.

Here’s what was on our list:

  • fake fruit for our new beverage dispenser
  • Jar to be used as part of a gift
  • Razor blades
  • Bunny items
  • Groceries

My plan was to get the fake fruit and jar from the dollar store. I found the jar but no fruit. As there’s a $5 limit to use the debit machine and I didn’t have cash on me I ended up combing the aisles to find items that we could reasonably use. I ended up purchasing the jar, bird seed for the wild birds and a rubber ducky watering can.

We headed to Walmart, conveniently located across the street, and found no fake fruit but we did find pit balls in the kids section. Though I was aiming for $10 when looking in the dollar store I ended up spending $15 on these. I think this is the piece that’s really driving me crazy.

It was a great deal at $15 but I only needed 15 balls not 100. The transformation and the other ways it helped the kitchen made this money well spent.


fun water.jpg

Any idea what I can do with the remaining 85 pit balls?

I did find rubber ducky bath decals and I purchased those…I`m keeping the receipt as I can return them if I don`t open them in the next 30 days. So my current decor for the baby shower is:

$7.50 worth of decor

Bunny kindly came in under budget at this time though we need to keep an eye on her spending as she still needs hay this month.

Razor blades – my goodness those things are expensive! I think I may start sourcing online options on this.

Based on my list above it appears that the budget I had floating in the back of my mind was ~$75 for Bunny, groceries and fake fruit. Apparently I completely ignored the razor blades which is why this all seemed like a big spend.

In the end I spent $110.64. A year ago this would have been a normal amount for me to spend in a single trip. My feeling that my spending was crazy is because this is now a lot of money to spend at one time.

Did I go a bit crazy considering my goals? Yes. Do I have an entire month to not let this overshadow me? Definitely!

My immediate plan is to no longer purchase new shoes for the wedding. I have a pair that go with the dress, I just wanted a new pair. As I had budgeted for the shoes it’s really a matter of adjusting my lines.

Though seriously any tips on what to do with the pit balls is going to be appreciated!





8 thoughts on “Spendthrift Sunday

  1. How about returning the pit balls and putting a pretty printed place mat of some sort under the water container to hide the counter. If you left it empty, you could still see the design on the mat underneath.

    Some stores have cute round place mats for $2-3. If the mat was a solid color, maybe throw a little display of three or four seashells in the middle, some decorative rocks or miniature artificial plant. There’s probably some little decorative thing or knick knack around your house that would fit inside? It wouldn’t necessarily have to fill up the container to look cute.

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      1. Oh, you’re welcome. I’ve been living frugally all my married life (17 yrs) and have much experience in covering marred surfaces rather than spending on new furniture. It’s nice because you can rather inexpensively change the look by changing the covering.

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      2. I’m going to post an update soon as I returned the pitballs and used seashells I had in a bag :). The money refunded got funneled to groceries, personal care and vacation groceries. $16 goes along way!

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