Planning May


As you know I’m a bit nervous about May. It has the potential to be a big month!

My goals this month are:

I’m so tempted to keep adding but I’m going to follow the rule I set for myelf at work. I can only have 3 priorities a day. More than three and the term priority loses it’s meaning.

Budget Line to Watch

Based on my previous month’s spending I need to keep a better eye on my miscellaneous spending line. Last month it was used to purchase presents I hadn’t budgeted for since my current gift line is dedicated to saving money for the wedding gift. This month it will be used twice this week. First to pay for the dry cleaning of 4 winter coats and then to purchase fake fruit to put in the bottom part of a water jug piece.

Even typing the fake fruit seems ridiculous but I’ll break it down. My parents recently gifted us with this really cool beverage dispenser. It’s completely clear and has a compartment that you can, theoretically, store things in. We weren’t going to fill it but when we put it on the counter the water damage on the counter is magnified. It looks awful. Since this is the kitchen we’re already feeling a bit badly about we’re making every effort to make it look less scary. $10 worth of fake fruit will cover the damage and add a splash of bright colour to the space.

Keeping Vacation fun and Cost Effective

As we will have a microwave and fridge in the hotel I’m trying to come up with healthy foods we can take with us so we’re not eating out too much. So far I have:

  • Water
  • Egg muffins – you really just whisks eggs and veggies and pour them into a muffin tin and bake
  • yogurt
  • whole fruit
  • Crackers, cheese and olives
  • S’mores maker – I haven’t used it in months and it’s feeling a bit awful

Healthy Choices

ML and I are going to continue to menu plan and I’m committing to:

  • Have more snacks (yogurt, fruit)
  • Making more active choices
  • Focus on stress relieving activities

What are your plans for May?


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13 thoughts on “Planning May

      1. There is a book and a movie out called Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead by Joe Cross. Joe is also on Facebook. Although the title is somewhat offensive, it’s a lot of great info. My husband and I are “transitioning” in this week. In fact, we will be drinking our first juice today for lunch. By next week we should be juicing totally for 15 days, and then will “transition” out back to normal foods. The basic gist is to reboot your body’s metabolism and retrain it to crave healthy foods.


  1. Ooo I know it’s only $10 but is there any way you can avoid the $10 fake fruit? Do you have marbles lying around? Water plants you can take trimmings off from a friend? Pebbles?! Even crumpled up newspaper or pages ripped out of a cheap cheesy paperback?!

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  2. Nothing! I had gotten rid of anything like that last year when we cleaned up. I think my post about what I purchased is going today.
    I’m not overly pleased with it due to cost though I love the look.


    1. You’re getting a shoutout in a post coming up this week because I did end up finding something at home that could be used in lieu of the balls I ended up buying. Thanks so much for the suggestions!!


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