If We Were Having Coffee – Breathe


It’s grey again today and it’s cold! It feels like this entire week has been grey. I’m really feeling for the comfort of tea and a sugar cookie, or two, that my mum makes. Want to share?

I’ve just put up the kettle and I’ve got an assortment we can choose from.

How was your week? Ready for the weekend?

I am! I lost my work cellphone on Tuesday and I’ve spent every day repeating,”It’s just a bad moment, not a bad day.”

The mantra comes up when:

  • My priority list at work isn’t finished (every day this week)
  • I don’t have a cuddle with Bunny and she eyes me balefully from her door way
  • When I cancel on friends an hour before I meet them because I’m exhausted and the thought of sitting in a restaurant being pleasant fills me with dread
  • I’ve worn the wrong thing and I’m freezing on that walk from car to office and back
  • When Bunny spills my entire tea cup in an attempt to get more cuddles
  • I wake up exhausted because I didn’t sleep well

To help balance it out I’ve been trying to be more mindful of the good things that happened this week:

  • No meetings were called because I lost the phone
  • We’ve kept the house tidy, in fact I got in a bit early one day and was able to do a decent clean
  • I went out with friends last night, some new, and had a blast
  • I haven’t been late for work a single day this week
  • My current project, a baby blanket for a friend, is coming along nicely
  • I’ve been doing a work out each morning
  • I’ve eaten well, with the exception of chicken wings last night and for lunch today
  • I started writing short stories again

My vacation lessons were useful and definitely helped me balance this week. I am hoping to make lots of good deposits this weekend. They’re starting right now as I savour this tea with you.



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