Debriefing April 2016



  •  # Buy nothing days : 10 days (as of the 27th)
  • # times used S’mores Maker (aiming for 8 uses in 2016): 2+0=2
  • # times used champagne saucers (aiming for 7 uses in 2016): 3+0=3
  • # times ate out: 4
  • # activities with friends/family: 10
  • # months until home improvement fund: 4 months maximum, though I’m hopeful that it’ll be gone next month.
  • % over or under budget: 3% over budget; not great but much better than last month!
  • % consumer debt paid off:  93% of the debt being paid since August.


  • ML paid off one of his loans!
  • Was able to purchase gifts without dipping into savings
  • Considering that I tightened our belt a fair bit we did really well!


  • Used a bit of the medical line to cover some cold medicine


  • I’ve got to keep my misc. line in check! That’s where I went over
  • Gifts! Gifts continue to be a great expense. This month I purchased three: 2 for immediate use and one for a September birthday as it was half off. I may need to increase this saving line or find a way to get a better handle on the number of gifts we purchase.
  • Next month’s trip to the wedding is going to take some careful planning so that we maintain our budget



This was a good month, my overage came from costs that I hadn’t factored into my budget. If I wasn’t saving for so many specific items my savings would have covered these. Instead, I received a small tax refund that will cover those overages so I’m not doing too badly.

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