Of Course I will Plan Your Shower!

A friend of mine announced that she was pregnant and asked if I would host her baby shower. I didn’t stop to think of responsibilities or budgets I responded with a hug and an excited, “Of course!”

I’m determined to pay off my debt soon and stay within budget but an unexpected shower, well that throws things off! I refuse to backpedal on this one. The point of this blog was to help me identify ways to live the life I want on a budget.  I decided to explore how I could create a fun and memorable day for her with a limited budget. I’m dipping into my Life Happens account for this so my budget is $200.

The mum to be is a fairly frugal soul and is super creative. She planned her wedding in 6 weeks and it looked magazine perfect. Together we’re going to make this fantastic. We had a quick phone call and decided on a date and theme.

It will be the end of May and have a rubber ducky theme with a yellow and orange colour scheme. As we live about 5 hours away all planning is going to be done over the phone and e-mail.

Here’s what we have so far:

We’ll invite everyone via Facebook so there are no invitation costs and will hosts at her parent’s home so no venue cost.

For centrepieces, I’ve got loads of vases and the dollar store sells gel balls you soak in water that pop up. I’ve got to find rubber ducks, I suspect that these are going to be my big expense.


We’ll keep the orange and yellow theme going with the food serving lemonade, orange juice, fruit trays (pineapple, mangoes, peaches, oranges), veggie trays (yellow and orange peppers, carrots), deviled eggs, ambrosia salad, and a cake.

She wants to play a few games:

Diaper game – she’ll provide diapers and I’ll get candy which will also be used as the prize

Price is right game –  she’ll create and I’ll get a prize, maybe a bath set. This one is a bit tricky as I suspect that she prefer I do the Baby version on this site. I’m a bit torn on this as if I do this version I can’t get her a separate gift.

Nursery rhyme game – she’ll create and I’ll get a prize, possibly a book of nursery rhymes

Don’t say Baby – we’ll need clothespins and another prize

She’s always given favours at her parties so she offered to pick up travel sized bottles of body wash to give each guest and to create a label for them. She also would like a guest book so that people can leave wishes for the baby.

Here’s my anticipated budget:

Menu $80
Games & Prizes (4 prizes and clothespins) $70
Décor (centrepieces, plates, cutlery, tableclothes, guest book) $50
Total $200

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!

9 thoughts on “Of Course I will Plan Your Shower!

  1. This is a little outside my expertise, but if the budget gets out of hand, your could always sell the future baby (and generate a nice profit! ) Yes, I’m joking!!!
    Sometimes experiences outweigh expenses. I hope everyone enjoys themselves and the event becomes a topic of future reminiscing.

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