It’s Frugal to be Healthy

After 2 weeks of illness I’m back to a fairly healthy state and I’m determined to keep it that way.

I’m entering a rather busy time at work so it’s no surprise that I got sick. Stress, not sleeping well and not putting a lot of thought into my diet all played a role. I haven’t figured out the exact cost of that but I’m going to guess I spent an extra $50 – $80 this month because I got sick.  Getting sick is bad for me but it’s also bad for my budget. Both these things need to be fixed.

I follow All About Healthy Choices on WordPress, the blog is the work of Dr. Jonathan Neal Colte and his daily advice and reminders have been a great source of inspiration since I began blogging. As I’m recommitting to being good to myself, and not spending more money at the pharmacy, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite posts of his.

First up is the article in which he outlines the 8 things I should do to stop getting sick! His list is easy for me to do and none of those items will cost me more money than I’m currently spending. It does,however, have the ability to save me $50 every time one of us gets sick.

Since my goal is to hit the 8 things listed in the above post, this post is a great way to decide if I’ve really been trying to do well or just paying lip service to my goals.

I don’t enjoy exercise. I enjoy the feeling I get afterwards, the way my body looks and the fact that I can say I did it. If given the choice between a book and a walk I’ll take the book any day. So I’ve always assumed that my friends who opt for the walk or spend their time working out are just fundamentally different from me. Then Exercise Confessions was posted and I lost all my excuses.

Great goals but are they realistic or am I crazy? This post is probably my all time favourite! It’s putting a lot of health advice and applying it to his pet’s day. Frankly, his dog is kinder to himself than I am to me. That was a wonderful wake up call.

If you’re looking for inspiration to change your attitude about health I really recommend visiting his blog. I’ve found reading his posts daily has made me more aware of my behaviour and I’ve already seen the benefits in my life.

Here’s to a healthy Spring!


8 thoughts on “It’s Frugal to be Healthy

  1. You are a very sweet person. I am very glad to know that these articles have been able to help you. I know you have been through quite a lot. I think you are doing a remarkable job at BALANCING your life and creating a better future for your family.
    If you ever have a question, I’m only a key stroke away. 🙂
    Thank you again for sharing my writings with your fellow readers. It was a humbling experience reading your post.

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  2. I love the blog you recommend! I am following it now too. That’s me with the excuses, so this morning I walked a mile. Husband and dog came with me, but I am hoping to get some alone time by doing this on a regular basis. I brought walking shoes to work to take a spin around the parking lot at noon. Thank you for the inspiration.

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