Credit Card Points

When I got serious about my debt I stopped using my credit card. Once I figured out how to control my spending habits I slowly reintroduced my credit card. It’s been pretty good.

In fact, as my card gets me points I’ve begun using it for everything and paying it off weekly when I check my budget. So it’s no surprise that I was in the batch of customers the company offered an ‘upgrade’ to. I’m always wary of these deals but this one really looked quite good. Everything stays the same i.e. no annual fee, the interest rate if I don’t pay within 21 days, and my limit.

So I took the deal. The deal is really that I can now accumulate additional points by shopping at certain franchises. It’s not bad but these franchises tend to be more expensive than the places I currently shop. It’s a bit of a catch-22; I can spend more now to gain points that will later be redeemed for ‘free’items.

Here’s what I’ve decided to do: I gain a minimum number of points no matter where I purchase so I will continue to purchase at the least expensive vendor. So far this year I’ve accumulated $100 in points. My plan is to save my points until Christmas to help offset that very expensive season.

Do you have a points card? How do you get the most out of it?


7 thoughts on “Credit Card Points

  1. Good plan – don’t get enticed by the deals, keep doing what is financially smart and if you get bonuses, then they are bonuses!
    We used to have some deals where if you linked a certain credit card with a loyalty card and paid certain bills you would get points on that loyalty card, which translates into dollars. It was really worthwhile with medical insurance and phone bills because those are necessary payments and big chunk of money. I can’t remember exactly how much but I feel like the return was probably $100/year. Unfortunately all these deals have now closed and all the current ones are such shams.

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    1. That would have been an we deal! My card is linked to a supermarket chain that has two or three types of stores. It’s great because they sell everything from groceries to clothing to cellphones. This makes it great for Christmas 🙂


  2. We used to have one that gave us money toward car repairs at the dealership. It was great, I think we could accumulate $200 a year. They stopped the promotion but we had a great savings for awhile.

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  3. I am using a credit card that gives cash back. There was a $100 cash back promotion to sign up for the card and use it within a certain period of time. I have over $110 cash back thus far. I don’t use the card for groceries and discretionary spending because the cash-only system works best for me there but I did put as many recurring bills on the card as I can- the cell phone bill, Netflix, etc. Paying those bills monthly is already in my budget so, instead of paying each of them out of my checking account, I use the credit card and then pay that off every month.With these monthly bills, I figure I will be getting $60 a year. Every little bit helps. 🙂

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