So close!



A while ago I had chosen to garnish my own wages, sort of.This meant that I had my paycheque deposited to my Line of Credit (LOC) so I never felt like I was really making money.

It helped! Seeing the slow decrease in the amount owed and having the paycheque not feel like my own allowed me to see how much money I was ‘losing’ through debt. Then last week happened.

I logged into my bank account and my LOC was at – $530. I have that in savings! I was so tempted to just pull out my savings and top up the amount so I could be paid off. Of course, that number isn’t quite right since my entire paycheque was in the account and as much as I would love to I’m not in a position to not use this cheque.


I feel as though I’m on a tight wire – I need to ensure that I don’t get complacent as I’m currently on track to beat my debt free deadline while not getting stingy in an attempt to pay it off quickly.

I’ve let ML know how this is going so he’s promised to help me keep my balance. We’re both excited to stop paying interest on purchases we’ve long forgotten!


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